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Browns’ Joe Thomas: Select a pass rusher with No. 1 pick, not QB

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With the draft three months away, future HOFer Joe Thomas gave his own opinion on what the Cleveland Browns should do with the No. 1 pick on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday.

“I would say you want to go defense,. I think you need to get a pass rusher. … You gotta be careful reaching for a quarterback at No. 1 because if they fail, they don’t help your team at all. Whereas if you pick a defensive lineman and maybe they don’t live up to the hype, you can still find a place to get him on the field and to have an impact. We’re a team that needs guys that can come in and start and that can contribute. I think that’s the risk of taking a quarterback.”

That defensive lineman is Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett. Thomas isn’t alone in that thinking. While the Browns supposedly think very highly of the edge rusher, both CBS and Bleacher Report have them taking Garrett with the first overall pick.

While the Browns continue to lose, No. 73 has (somehow) been nothing but positive about where the team is headed. Although it seems the Browns have been rebuilding since 1999, they are still currently the worst team in the NFL. Thomas could be negative and ask for a trade to a playoff or Super Bowl contender. Instead, he’s sticking by head coach Hue Jackson and saying all of the right things.

One of the best players to ever put on the orange and brown uniform, the 6-foot-7, 311-pound tackle has started and played every snap in his 160-game career thus far. Whether it’s blocking for six (!) different quarterbacks in 2016 alone or being the anchor of the offensive line, Thomas knows how important it is for a team to win the battle in the trenches. And, he knows that Garrett is a player that could be in the opponent’s backfield to make plays much like the Los Angeles Chargers rookie and former Ohio State star Joey Bosa.

The draft is still three months away and the Browns still have plenty of time to evaluate different players to determine the top talent, but Garrett could give opposing offensive linemen nightmares for years. Thomas wants to be part of the Browns’ rebuild – again – and drafting a guy like Garrett would be a great building block going forward. Thomas knows it, draftniks know it, NFL scouts know it, and fans know it.

Don’t mess it up this time Browns.

  • 216 in 614

    It’s really just a polite way to say that the top QB’s available aren’t top 20 viable NFL starters?

  • Garry_Owen
  • JNeids

    Sooo…draft a QB at 1 and trade JT??

  • RGB
  • mgbode

    Even JoeT is with us!

  • Chris

    Joe Thomas has been publicly critical of front office moves (past and present) and now inserts his opinion on how the organization should address personnel going forward. Quite literally, this is exactly what LeBron has been heavily criticized for doing for much of his career.

    It certainly feels very different to me, but why is that so? Serious question. Is it the manner in which it was expressed? Is it because LeBron’s teams were always relevant and expected to compete while Joe’s… uh… well…? Local kid vs outsider? Celebrity status? Do we feel bad for wasting Joe’s talent… if so, what do you consider the Cavs did with LeBron’s talent for the first 7 years? Dare I say it, race? The frequency of the comments? Fundamentally, why is it even a problem for a player to demand the most out of his coaches/GM/owner… don’t we all expect the same out of our bosses and owners?

    I’m not sure I can definitively answer my own questions.

  • RGB

    For now.
    Traders gonna trade…

  • Chris

    …lovers gonna love… I don’t really want none of the above…

    drip drip drip.

  • RGB
  • Dave

    My thinking: Both Joe and LeBron have every right to say whatever they like. And in Joe’s case, given that the Browns front office has been downright idiotic his entire career, I think he’s more than justified. Heck, LeBron speaking out against a front office that drafted Anthony Bennett at #1 and Dion Waiters at #4 would be completely appropriate.

    Where did this idea that players were supposed to shut up come from?

  • mgbode

    LeBron publicly complained that Gilbert isn’t spending enough money when the Cavs are by far the heaviest spenders in the NBA this year and the past several. And, his delivery was a bit more “ranty.” That’s a bit different.

    And, even still, most people don’t really care that LeBron throws his little tantrums (or sub-tweets, etc) when he gets frustrated. Just part of his competitive drive that goes along with how he keeps his body in shape, nutrition, playing most minutes in NBA, etc.

    JoeT also would quickly flip the script if the Browns do draft Watson/Trubisky No. 1 overall (they won’t). I don’t recall him criticizing “current” moves (biggest critique from him is he feels Chud group never given fair shot — Haslam even agreed with him).

  • RGB

    According Le Batard it’s because we’re racist.

  • Chris

    Joe publicly expressed frustration that multiple regimes let players walk out the door, which directly insinuates that he feels the Browns need to quit being cheap.

    Joe’s comments generally come off as constructive and old-man-wisdomish, while LeBron’s can certainly come off as callous and passive-aggressive. But at the root of it I don’t think they’re that far apart, which is why I question why they feel oh-so different.

  • Eric G

    “One of the best players to ever put on *any* uniform”

  • Hopwin

    Plus there is the never-ending narrative of throwing team mates under the bus. I can’t say Joe has ever done that but then again I can’t say I give a crap what either player thinks about roster-building.

  • mgbode

    past versus present – LeBron was directly stating what he felt the present people were doing, while JoeT is talking about the past regimes.

    I understand how you see they can be closer in thought than at first perceived, but that initial perception biases the outlook.

  • Hopwin

    Probably from the notion that the rest of the world faces consequences for criticizing their bosses and co-workers. Not very team-oriented to head to a microphone and rip on your team-mates, coaches and guys who pay your salary.

    Doesn’t mean either player is wrong, just generally frowned upon in society.

  • Chris

    Mack’s and Schwartz’s departures prompted Joe’s comments on the front office’s apparent willingness to let talent walk out the door uncontested, which included both current and former regimes.

    OK, I’m done now, I swear.

  • mgbode


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