2017 Positional Previews, Podcast

2017 Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: Catcher

We’ve got all the catcher questions and answers covered. Can Yan Gomes have a comeback season? Will Roberto Perez continue to be the master of framing pitches? Who will end up playing more games at catcher for the Indians? Is there anything happening in the Cleveland Indians farm system that could help in case of injury? The Indians proved they’d try and make a trade with Jonathan Lucroy. Is that an option again this season?

It’s WFNY Podcast #575!

EHC is back with Jim Pete and Mike Hattery discussing Cleveland Indians position groups. Their plan is to hit them all and keep them updated as the Indians make changes. Up first, the boys discuss catchers.

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Here is a list of topics the good old boys of EHC discuss:

  • The 2017 Positional Previews
  • The Yan Gomes rebound posibilities
  • Gomes needs new eyewear?
  • “We’ve seen the best of Yan Gomes”
  • Relationships matter
  • So do contracts
  • Is the Yan Gomes contract that bad, because of the options?
  • Yan Gomes vs. Roberto Perez, and what the Indians are going to do heading into spring training
  • It SHOULD be an even competition, #amiright?
  • Partnering up Perez and Gomes with the rotation
  • A likely 3 & 2 start split
  • The production at catcher should be better
  • 10-day DL fun could make the catching situation interesting
  • The Indians “organizational depth” is a little thin, other than Francisco Mejia
  • If the Indians need a catcher because of health, they could still pull off a trade
  • Hattery and Jim lay out predictions on who should start first
  • Hattery worried about tirades? Wha?
  • Where do Gomes and Perez slot in the line-up

  • Saggy

    I expected this posting to be blank. After all, that’s what the stat sheet looks like.

  • Saggy

    I expected this posting to be blank. After all, that’s what the stat sheet looks like.

  • Chris

    Baseball’s version of Club Tril

  • Hopwin

    Why do our two Hispanic catchers both look so horribly amish?!

  • Chris
  • Harv

    interesting that you guys didn’t even raise the possibility of trading either Perez or Yan – e.g., if Yan’s bat and confidence has been restored and Perez is also raking early in the season – even if to dismiss the notion as nuts. I’m not suggesting they should, but might not Antonetti be approached by a catcher-starved team with the offer of an emerging young left fielder or something else he’s been inquiring about?

    Also, re your comments about scarcity of catchers below, please correct me if I’m wrong: most orgs are not exactly cranking out viable catchers from their farm systems so this is pretty typical. So many guys are tried there and shift elsewhere or wash out; some others are asked to try and can’t develop high level skills (like Carlos). Lucroy’s rare dual skill set induced them to dangle very fine prospects for a player who will be a UFA after this season. And, like a LOOGY, a fringe older player like Giminez will be able to draw a major league salary well past the age that guys with his skill level at other positions would be looking for coaching jobs.