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Browns to play a game in London next season

via Cleveland Browns

Over the past few seasons, the NFL has played multiple games in London, England, hoping to get more fan support from the fans who consider football to be what we call soccer.

Next season, the number of games in London will increase from three to four due to the NFL wanting to their market in the United Kingdom to grow even more. With eight teams heading over the pond for one of their 16 games during the regular season, the Cleveland Browns will be one of those lucky (or unlucky?) teams next season, according to 92.3 The Fan’s Anthony Lima.

For what it’s worth, their game in 1989 was a preseason game, so this will be their first regular season game in England and outside of the United States in franchise history. The league’s first regular season game across the pond was in 2007. Since then, the NFL has played 17 games in London, a number that will climb to 21 following next season.

The real question is: if the NFL is trying to increase their market in England, why would they send a team that could potentially go 0-16 this season over there? It’s because so far, the league seems to choose some of it’s worst teams to send over. For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been forced to play one of their games there each season since this all started. No matter who is playing, English fans have continued to sellout the stadiums that hold the NFL games. That love of football, however, will be tested when the Browns go over. Will England’s die hards still sell out a stadium to watch the this team?

Along with Cleveland, the Dolphins, Saints, and Jaguars have also been confirmed that they will play in London. The other four teams are not known at this time. The Browns’ opponent for the game over the pond will be announced on Tuesday.

It’s been clear that so far, head coach Hue Jackson’s squad can’t get a win in the United States. Maybe they will be able to get one out of the country?

  • Hopwin

    1) They should stay over there
    2) They can visit Lerner

  • RGB

    Share The Misery Tour.

  • 216 in 614

    “There not sending their best.”

  • RGB

    Lerner sold Villa and moved back to NY.

  • Hopwin

    Ok reverse the order:
    1) They can visit Lerner on their layover in NY
    2) They should stay over there

  • NankirPhelge

    Jeez, what are we doing? They’re our allies! Our besties!

    First Trump, and now this. God Save the Queen.

  • NankirPhelge

    The British are going to build a wall and make the Browns pay for it.

  • jpftribe

    On a semi-related note. wifey and I binged on The Crown this weekend thanks to the crew here. Great series, loved it.

    Churchill’s rivals plotting against him:
    “you do know what he called you?”
    “Yes, a sheep in sheep’s clothing”

  • Garry_Owen


  • Dave

    I think they could maybe score a win against Peter Griffin and the London Silly-Nannies.

    If course, if they really want a win, they should go play my Division III alma mater. It’s in the running for worst college team in the country, but they can’t get rid of the football program because a lot of alumni made designated donations to it.

  • jpftribe

    Browns will pick up 20% of the tab and have Birmingham pay the rest.

  • JM85

    Poor London

  • jpftribe

    How to Retire on $65M in New York.

    Start with a half a billion and a football club.

  • RGB

    The Villa sale only scored him about 13 million. About $16.5 million American.

  • humboldt
  • humboldt

    “Roll up, roll up for the Magical Misery Tour, step right this way!”

  • RGB

    Somebody PLEASE photochop Jimmah, Sashi, DePodesta and Hue in the Abbey Road picture!

  • crobarred

    I originally thought that they were sending over teams that had issues filling their home stadiums. The Browns sell out…even with a terrible on field product every year. Seems weird that they would have to concede a home game to play in London. Can Haslam leave the country if he is still has a court case?

  • Skulb

    This and Hard Knocks is the punishment for being bad. They never send the Patriots, Packers or Seahawks over there I’ve noticed. If you ask me these UK games are just an audition to try and foist one of the moribund NFL franchises on the hapless Londoners. The London Jaguars are probably a slight favorite right now. But who knows; maybe the London Browns will be the next thing. You have to figure though that if you send enough teams over there to play bad football one of them will just up and decide to stay one day. The shopping is nice.

  • Chris

    Genghis Khan is said to have launched plague-infested corpses at his enemies. This is a lot like that.

  • Chris

    To be literal, Browns fans don’t fill their home stadium. It’s either half visiting fans, or half empty.

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