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Name your least favorite Indians, Cavaliers, and Browns players

Kellen Winslow Jr. Cleveland Browns
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Twitter takes a lot of heat for being one of the worst virtual places on earth, but it has its merits. One of the things Twitter is great for is coming together on a topic when the stakes are low and arguments are unlikely to be had. One such topic hit my feed asking Cleveland fans who their least favorite player is from each of the Cleveland professional sports teams.

I put it to the WFNY crew behind the scenes, and this is where we came out on it.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Scott: Shawn Kemp — I used to have my parents take me to Cavs games to see Kemp when he played for the Sonics, so you can imagine how elated I was when they acquired him. You can also imagine my disappointment when it was evident that he gave up on trying and got by on nothing but sheer talent.

Bode: Ricky Davis – Davis epitomized the worst era of NBA basketball. A selfish-showboater who was brutal to watch and somehow made the players around him worse. Removing him once we drafted LeBron should have been an even higher priority.

Dave: Carlos Boozer – Not only was he a greedy two-timer who double-crossed a blind man, but he also walked away from playing with the best player in NBA history. He also rented a house he owned to Prince in 2004 and sued him because he redecorated it without asking him. Thank him Carlos, don’t sue him.

Craig: Trajan Langdon: I really shouldn’t blame a guy for getting drafted over his head, but damn. The 11th overall pick in the 1999 draft played three seasons in the NBA for a total of 119 games. The supposed sharp-shooter with the nickname “The Alaskan Assassin” couldn’t get his shot off in the NBA. He averaged 4.4 shots and less than one three per game in his career. Maybe I should have picked Luke Jackson or Anthony Bennett, but there’s something about your first NBA draft bust. Trajan Langdon is burned into my brain forever.

Andrew: Carlos Boozer – The only Cavalier past or present that I actively despise. I have never found anything redeemable about Boozer and I think his career reflected the karma he brought upon himself. Also, that spray-on hair.


Pat: LeBron James – It was only for the time right after he left the Cavaliers, but I was as angry with him as anyone. I wasn’t angry because he left, I was angry because he kept treating Cleveland fans like jealous lovers who just wanted him to come back to them. He acted like waiting until the last possible second without giving any indication of leaving didn’t completely screw over the Cavs in their planning for the future. I got over it, obviously.

Joe G: Carlos Boozer – He screwed over the Cavs and Gordon Gund. He could have been the “star” player LeBron needed beside him the first time around in Cleveland. Those two could have been a real nice duo and LeBron would have had a player to play with who he could rely on.

Josh: Carlos Boozer: Everyone else has already stated everything that needs to be said, but, the fact that he screwed over the Cavs and it ended up costing him millions solely due to the fact that he then couldn’t play with LeBron shows that karma is a real thing. As Andrew stated, I still can’t believe he thought he could get away with some spray-on hair.

Cleveland Indians

Scott: Russell Branyan — #BlameBranyan

Bode: David Justice – Game 6 1995. I don’t care if everyone else embraced him when we traded for him. I didn’t. It was a relief when he was traded to the Yankees and I could root against his smug self openly again.

Craig: Trot Nixon – I know he was probably good in the clubhouse, but he was everything I hated about being an Indians fan. Sure, he was around for a 91-win season where the Indians lost in the ALCS to the Red Sox, but it still makes me angry that a guy like Trot Nixon is a free agent that the Indians would sign for $3 million and think they’re accomplishing something. Plus, he was so very much “Red Sox Nation” that I wanted to throw up.

Dave: Jason Giambi – Despite his one major Cleveland sports moment, I’ve always associated Giambi with two terrible things… Steroids and The Yankees.

Andrew: Jose Mesa – It’s not fair. It’s really not. But it is what it is.

Pat: Manny Ramirez – Yes his talent was through the roof, but the lazy way that he would play and general disinterest he showed towards base running was so incredibly infuriating.

Joe G: Chris Perez – He had so much talent, but he just was unable to put it all together consistently. He was also just not a pleasant person. He was a hot head. And who could forget the drug possession story with the drugs addressed to his dog.

Josh: Jose Mesa: If only he could close a game. Side note: Manny Ramirez is the GOAT, I don’t know what Pat’s talking about. It’s just “Manny being Manny”, right?

Cleveland Browns

Scott: Kellen Winslow Jr. — I can’t think of another player with so much potential and freakish athletic ability who risked it all — and lost — by biffing a wheely in a parking lot. We talk about the Browns’ inability to cover tight ends. We marvel at some of the mismatches guys like Jimmy Graham create. Think of how good Winslow was in ’07 on half a knee. Browns would have had that.

Bode: Braylon Edwards – Hey, we’ll always have 2007 and he did give a ton of money to disadvantaged kids. But, his drops and his diva persona were so amazingly grating. The entire experience with him was awful and his clashes with disciplinarian Eric Mangini just made it worse.

Dave: Johnny Manziel – I know this is an easy target, but there were so many red flags people. He was short, he played in an unorganized mess of an offense, and everyone on this earth knew that he had off the field party issues. Why Jimmy Haslam thought handing the dude a bunch of money was going to clean him up is beyond me.

Craig: Braylon Edwards – Not only should Braylon have been good because of his physical abilities, he had that swagger. The problem was that you could tell Braylon Edwards was awkward from the get-go. While Kellen Winslow’s ego impacted him negatively, you got the sense that Braylon’s ego caused a rift between him and his teammates. Just such a weird dude and such a high draft pick to bust out for the Browns.

Andrew: Braylon Edwards – You might think it’s because he’s a Michigan man, but I actually bought a Braylon jersey and was a huge fan of his for his first couple years with the Browns. But with his performance in his last year with the Browns, combined with his comments about Cleveland when he left, proved him to be nothing more than a petulant child who blames everyone else for his own shortcomings.

Pat: Johnny Manziel – It’s hard to find a more infuriating player than Manziel. No one on the Browns has ever been more about himself over the team.

Joe G: Derek Anderson – He gave us that one glorious Pro Bowl season and then completely fell apart after that. He gave Browns fans hope for finally having a quarterback, but he never regained that level of play. After that Pro Bowl season, he was incredibly difficult to watch, missing easy passes with his inaccurate arm. He also left in a horrible way, attacking the Cleveland fans.

Josh: Johnny Manziel: So much talent wasted—literally. He may have been small, but he had so much potential. Instead, he brought plenty of bad press and news to the Browns. It really is amazing how someone could just throw so much money and talent down the drain.

Twitter Weighs In

If I was going to pick a winner from Twitter, it might just be this one.

Now it’s your turn in the comments. Who ya got?

  • NankirPhelge

    All excellent choices, gentlemen: I’ll go with Boozer and Manziel, and I’ll add Albert Belle.

  • JM85

    Wrong-rim Ricky, Nick Swisher, and Manziel.

  • mgbode

    Swisher and Hartline do get bonus points for being associated with the Buckeyes too, yet I wish neither had donned our teams uniforms.

  • jpftribe

    No one mentions Rocker? The dude was certifiable.

  • jpftribe

    All the fantastic players to come out of that school in our own backyard and these guys and Pryor are the best we can do.

  • JM85

    I didn’t care for the Swisher cheerleader act when he was barely hitting let alone always being injured.

  • Harv

    Indians: tie between Keith Hernandez and Chris Perez. Hernandez for the stones to take a cash-strapped org’s last dollar and laugh while he pretended to be hurt. Perez because he doesn’t have the decency to in any way suppress his juvenile tendencies to blame those who pay him and run to media to see his name in the papers.

    Browns: competition is stiff here. But have to go with Dwayne Bowe over Winslow, Braylon/Team Braylon and Johnny. Bowe wins because of how his cynicism in mouthing leadership platitudes contrasted with his soon-revealed intent to simply collect his last payday and get outta Dodge. With Johnny, harder to blame a guy for being an addict than a spoiled, lazy douche bro. I don’t know where his b.s. stops and the addiction starts. See, also, Josh Gordon.

    Cavs: I know he’s not a player but Gordon Gund, for costing us a trophy with LeBron by voiding Boozer’s contract based upon the unenforceable word of a young jock looking for a payday. I blame the Walmart parenting, not the entitled child.

  • formerbrownsfan

    Larry Hughes, Trent Richardson, and and Chris Peres for me.

  • mgbode

    I like Pryor despite his diva-ness

  • Harv

    well, he did his damage before he got here, right? Or maybe I’m misremembering. I thought he pretty much shut his mouth and the worst part was the shirtless low-brow bros who showed up with signs at the Jake and screamed his name.

  • mgbode

    Also, cannot forget Robiskie no matter how hard we try to.

  • mgbode

    He had colorful things to say about NYC people on certain trains and other things, yes.

  • Natedawg86

    Boozer, swisher, gilbert

  • Natedawg86

    WHAT. YOu must be a tigers fan haha

  • RGB

    JFF doesn’t get a pass from me for playing the addict card. Seems like every “somebody” in today’s society who gets caught being a dbag on a regular tries to play it off with the _____-addict card, and whitewash it with some sort of therapy or rehab.
    Nope, not buying it. He’s a spoiled frat-boy dbag, who’s sole purpose in life revolves around being king of the bros.

  • Harv

    I hear you. But I think this guy might actually be one.

  • Harv

    I remember that, my point being that was when he played for the Braves, years before he came here. I thought he was a quiet reclamation project here.

  • JNeids
  • humboldt

    Right, and, in contrast to the explanations offered by the WFNY staff above, Manziel appeared to be well-liked by most of his teammates. It appears that they recognized that the ability, passion, and leadership were there, but the specter of addictive behavior was always lurking

  • Saggy

    Boozer. easy.

    Grady Sizemore. I never understood why the Tribe traded every player away except for the guy who was worth the most. It was a 5-year rebuilding window for them so why not deal Sizemore, too? They could have gotten 3 top-of-the-rotation prospects for him. And then he went and got hurt. I couldn’t stand him.

    Kellen Winslow and Brian Robiskie are both up there (Winslow because he was a jerk; Robiskie because he should never have been an NFL player), but it has to be Brandon Weeden for me. What a red-headed ass.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Gordon and Manziel basically tie for me. Both made countless “trust me, Im committed” statements and then screwed us again and again.

    I remember hating Eric Plunk a lot. I dont know in hindsight if that was fair, but I despised that guy for some reason.

    Shaq maybe? I didn’t really despise him as much as I despised the way we were just throwing anything at the wall and hoping it stick. Trying to build a team around LeBron with Boobie, Delonte, Andy, old Shaq, Z, and Jamison, and a bunch of other mediocre role players was a misleading era where we thought we were better than we were. Shaq’s signing sort of epitomized that desperation. Sorry big man.

  • Simcha Tamkin

    Indians: Mesa, Skinner, Shaw. we would have 3 rings if it werent for them.
    Browns: Josh Gordon. I can think of 420 reasons.
    Cavaliers: Boozer

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    he might not have been anything special,but he sort of worked as a third down reciever…not worth him being a second round pick,but we could have used him once he was let go,since we don’t seem to have a good receiver for third downs that QBs will throw to. Speaking of which,what did Barnridge do that put him in the Qbs doghouse?

  • Steve

    When did you want them to trade Sizemore? Sabathia was traded in the last year of his deal, Lee and Martinez in 2009, the year that injuries knocked Sizemore down to a league average player, not one who could return a kings ransom

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    Trent cost so much and gave so little.

  • Saggy

    Sabathia was traded in 2008. The tribe were already on the way down. They should have traded Sizemore as well, since they were going into full rebuild mode. When they traded CC I was also hoping they’d trade Grady at the deadline or in the offseason. They didn’t. They should have.

    I think Grady had something like 100 homers and 75 steals over the three prior years. Think of what they could have gotten.

  • Steve

    They finished .500 in 2008 after getting half a season of Hafner and Martinez, and very little from Westbrook. They didn’t go into full rebuild then, and considering the knowledge at the time, they shouldn’t have. Sizemore was an MVP candidate with 3.5 more years of team control in the middle of 2008. This was a guy you build around and pay three years later, not pawn off because of an injury-plagued year.

    They didn’t go into full rebuild until the next year, and part of that was the injuries hit Sizemore too, hard enough that he was no longer an MVP candidate to build around.

  • mgbode

    We did get a 1st back for him

  • Saggy

    It’s very easy to make that argument with hindsight. I knew they were going into full rebuild, as I think most people did at the time. They were platooning Dave Delucci, Ben Francisco, and Frank Gutierrez on the corners, for heaven’s sake. So I wanted them to trade Sizemore along with Sabathia. If you’re giving up on a former Cy Young winner in his prime to get prospects, you should go all the way, I argued then – and still argue now.

    But at least they got Michael Brantley in that deal. Ironically, in much the same way they got Corey Kluber: as somewhat of a throw-in.

  • Natedawg86

    yeah without that one we may not have been able to screw up a second first rounder in one of the most talented drafts in a LONG time. If Richardson was good, JFF would never have been here

  • Natedawg86

    I am surprised Lofton didn’t tear all the tendons and muscles in his legs trying to stop!

  • mgbode


    Gonna stop you right there. Brantley was a PTBNL, but he was only done so because the Indians wanted him and the Brewers did not want to part with him. The middle ground was that he would be the player if the Brewers made the postseason. So, we can thank CC for ignoring his own health and pitching the B’s into the postseason down the stretch (they abused him like the rental player he was w/ his pitch counts/innings).

  • mgbode

    I always try to separate those things. We received a 1st for Trent. Now, that we completely screwed up that pick is an entirely different story 🙂

  • Steve

    The only easy hindsight argument is the rebuild sooner one. The 2009 OF was a league-average Francisco, not great but fine, an expected superstar in Sizemore, and Choo, who came off a great 2008 performance. The 2009 offense was fine, the issue was the pitching cratered.

    Vegas had them favored to win the division going into 2009. Not only did few people know they were going into full rebuild, none of those people were the ones in charge of that decision.

  • Steve

    The only easy hindsight argument is the rebuild sooner one. The 2009 OF was a league-average Francisco, not great but fine, an expected superstar in Sizemore, and Choo, who came off a great 2008 performance. The 2009 offense was fine, the issue was the pitching cratered.

    Vegas had them favored to win the division going into 2009. Not only did few people know they were going into full rebuild, none of those people were the ones in charge of that decision.

  • matt underwood

    Tribe : Mark Shapiro, Eric Wedge, Casey Blake

    Browns : the 1999 to present teams (save: joe thomas)

    Cavs : Damon Jones