Craig’s mad about the Browns and Dave isn’t – WFNY Podcast No. 567

Truth be told, I ended up feeling badly about this podcast after it was complete. Thankfully, Dave and I mended fences quickly and recorded a special Christmas Day episode of the podcast which you can look forward to hearing over the weekend when you should be doing family things but really don’t want to.

Dave didn’t know what he was getting into when he agreed to this podcast. I was mad and I wasn’t going to be talked down.

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  • Finding room in the middle to criticize the Browns and be patient
  • What do the Browns do next?
  • Are there any people out there who want people fired?
  • Hue Jackson and whether he gets to keep his job
  • How desirable is the Browns job?
  • Hiring the GM underneath Sashi Brown?
  • Not being able to replace the owner
  • Being patient but also realizing that this is unacceptable garbage
  • The Browns moving training camp to Columbus
  • The Browns losing a home game to London
  • Feeling bad for the Browns social media person
  • Brands don’t get to be cool and fun when they’re the worst at their primary objective
  • The Browns have to play all their games
  • What to do with your Browns angst
  • Dave is an anti-parade guy in reality
  • Craig is angrier than Dave
  • Browns fans getting together for the parade
  • Talking about actual football
  • Johnny Manziel was a better quarterback than RG3
  • Getting the ball out to the edges
  • Hawkins and how limited he is
  • The rookies are playing without any protection Core
  • y Coleman vs. Michael Thomas

  • not_gravy


  • trsteve1

    My thoughts on this season. I would rather young/rookie players to get NFL reps instead of aging veterans (see Paul Kruger) eating up snaps but allowing us to win 3 games. The reality is we are not better to be 3-13 than 0-16.. You bring in solid veterans when you have a team that is a few players away from competing, which we haven’t been in decades. 0-16 is unexpected, but it’s just one season and we’ll move forward from there.

  • trsteve1

    Also, we had some bad luck early in games that could have been wins (taunting penalty, injured kicker guy off street misses 3 FGs, etc).. once again, not sure 2-14 or 1-15 is really better than 0-16 beyond the jarring optic that “0” presents…

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  • tigersbrowns2

    never say never , but Hue has got to be safe (his job) after the purge.

    and a GM under Sashi ?? i think many people are overlooking Andrew Berry & his status in the talent evaluation process … and then of course we have DePodesta. they’ve only had 1 season … not yet the time to evaluate their body of work.

  • tigersbrowns2

    good post TR !