Terrelle Pryor and Tony Grossi have some words

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor
Ron Schwane/AP

Tensions mount as the losses pile up. Corey Coleman’s quotes on his lackluster year being more of a product of the quarterbacks was seen earlier this week, and WFNY’s Joe Gilbert proved him out. Now, video has surfaced of Terrelle Pryor being rather confrontational with veteran ESPN Cleveland reporter Tony Grossi.

The issue at hand was that Pryor felt that reporters had taken Adam “Pacman” Jones word that Pryor and Robert Griffin III were fighting on the sidelines during the Browns 13th straight loss of 2016. Pryor believed that the media should have asked him and Griffin about it first. He says both would have noted that they were just intensely trying to fight for a win – not each other.

Here is the video of the discussion:

For his part, Grossi was rather calm and fair in reporting on this encounter. He allowed Pryor’s words to carry the article. Here is a snippet:

“You guys can’t assume. Me and Robert weren’t arguing,” Pryor said. “I go and read you guys were saying I’m arguing with my teammates. That’s trying to break up this team. All’s we’re trying to do is come in here and fight for a win. I come in here and be very honest with you guys, have fun with you guys and you guys paint a picture about me to be a bad person, and try to put some type of stigma between me and my teammates.”

Edit: Grossi was less forgiving on social media.

There are three games left in the Browns 2016 season, so it is understandable that the frustrations brought upon through an entire season without a win are surfacing. It would be best if the players could channel their energies onto the field so that they can find a way to upset the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, or Pittsburgh Steelers. But, it is obviously against human nature to be so efficient with emotions.

Really, all any of us want is to just get that one win.1 It is time to cancel parades and have a quarterback not named Johnny Manziel be the last starting QB to win a game for the Browns.

  1. and San Francisco to obtain a second win so we still get the No. 1 overall pick. []

  • RGB

    “Really, all any of us want is to just get that one win.

    Well, not all of us…


  • NankirPhelge

    I hate it when the media try to put a stigma between players.

    TP has a lot to learn about being a wide receiver, but he’s already got the diva part down pat.

  • Hopwin

    Terrelle Pryor would have 2500 yards and 12 TDs if the local media didn’t constantly pick on him.

  • BenRM

    Normally, I’d side against TP here, because it is clear what happened. But since it’s grossi, go TP!

  • Sam Gold

    D-bag on d-bag crime.

  • jpftribe

    I’m really warming up to TP. Hence, there is no way he will be resigned.

  • JNeids

    Who has the tiebreaker between us and SF?

  • mgbode

    SF has played an easier scheduled by SOS, so the 49ers own the tiebreaker

  • JNeids

    Thanks. If my math is correct (since I couldn’t find it easily so I did it by “hand” in Excel), SF = .505 and Cle = .551. I don’t know how much that will change over 3 weeks.

  • tigersbrowns2

    i’d rather see TP get testy than not care … we saw this earlier in the year when he got very upset the day Cody Parkey missed 3 FG’s & the Browns lost their best chance for a victory this year.

    he wants to win , he’s got attitude , but the right kind … he’s not being a distraction to the team … actually , i’m a little surprised more players aren’t going-off in this very trying season.

    what should the Browns do about Pryor … sign the guy !!

  • Hopwin

    I thought this little tete-a-tete was inspired by TP becoming such an on-field distraction by refusing to huddle/line-up that it cost us a timeout… Seems like the worst kind of me-first distraction.

  • tigersbrowns2

    it’s simply frustration … can you imagine how hard it is for every single person in this organization to keep a positive attitude ?

  • mgbode

    not enough

  • tigersbrowns2

    LMFAO !!

  • JM85

    Grossi will block him on Twitter. That’ll show him!

  • Rosierself

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  • paulbip

    Didn’t Prior take an english class while in school?

  • Harv

    On the one hand, Grossi has been one of Pryor’s staunchest supporter in the media, and his perfectly respectful and appropriate question gets a nasty “media trying to divide this team” response from this entitled, immature genetic lottery winner.

    On the other hand, Grossi has chosen covering these arrogant, overgrown children as his life work, furthering their fantasy of their own cosmic importance. So, who’s the idiot?

  • He Hate Cans

    I must have missed this on Twitter. Quite frankly, I’m shocked Grossi took time away from tweeting about how we should have drafted Wentz to comment on anything else.

  • mgbode
  • mgbode

    Though, I do have a fondness for this one as it is everything a QB should not do