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Browns fall apart in the second half, lose to the Jets, 31-28

That thump you heard this afternoon was the Cleveland Browns falling apart against the New York Jets. The Browns led 20-7 at half, but ended up losing to the Jets, 31-28 on Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium. Quarterback Josh McCown completed 25-of-49 passes for 341 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in the loss. His leading target was receiver Terrelle Pryor, who caught six passes for 101 yards (all in the first half). On the ground, running back Isaiah Crowell led the putrid running attack with 11 carries for 29 yards and a touchdown. The Browns fall to 0-8 on the season, while the Jets move to 3-5.

It was a game of two halves. The first half was probably the Browns best half of football so far this season. Both the Browns defense and offense played well, helping Cleveland gain a 13-point halftime lead. Cleveland outgained the New York Jets 274 yards to just 106 yards in total offense in the first 30 minutes. Besides one scoring drive by the Jets, the Browns defense was outstanding. The defense held New York’s offense to three-and-outs on four of New York’s first six possessions. Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick completed just 3-of-14 passes for 30 yards in the half. It was one of the best defensive performances the Browns defense has put together in any half this season.

The first half on offense saw great performances from McCown, running back Duke Johnson and Pryor. McCown was 16-of-27 for 228 yards and a touchdown. Johnson rushed three times for 29 yards, while also catching three passes for 38 yards. Pryor caught six passes for 101 yards in the opening half. Cleveland scored points in four of their seven first half drives. In the first half, the Browns offense was able to slice the Jets pass defense easily. But that all changed following halftime.

As good as the Browns played in the first half, the team threw that all away with horrible play in the second half. Cleveland’s bad tackling defense of the previous games sprouted back up on the Jets first offensive series of the second half and for the entire rest of the game. New York easily drove 78 yards on 12 plays, capping it off with a touchdown catch and run by receiver Quincy Enunwa, who seemingly ran through the entire Browns secondary’s horrible tackling attempts to the endzone. After a quick offensive series by the Browns offense, the Jets completed the quick comeback to take the lead. They drove 84 yards on just eight plays, ending in a go-ahead touchdown. The Browns ended the putrid third quarter trailing 21-20.

The fourth quarter continued the downward trend for the orange and brown (or white). Cleveland was unable to put anything together on offense. The Browns turned the ball over twice in the quarter and allowed New York to add ten more points. The Browns added a late touchdown, but it was far too late. The game ended with a thud after a lot of hope was made in the first half. Whether it was halftime adjustments (or lack there of for the Browns) or the fact that Cleveland fell back down to earth after coming out of the halftime locker room, it was yet another disappointing Sunday for the Dawg Pound.

The Browns continue their search for win No. 1 next week versus the Dallas Cowboys at First Energy Stadium.

Okay, with that done, LETS GO TRIBE!

  • Sam Gold
  • C-Bus Kevin

    I told a coworker of mine that I decided I wouldn’t make time to watch the games this year until they put at least 1 win on the board and he accused me of “abandoning my team.”

    I totally disagree. When you send your kids to their room for repeated bad behavior, it’s called “time out.”

    I haven’t given up on the Browns. I’ve put them in time out…until they can prove that they are ready to behave themselves.


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  • JM85

    I hope they noticed all the empty seats.

  • Sam Gold

    I’m betting they noticed…

  • Dave

    #FactoryOfSadness strikes again. Good thing I didn’t bother watching.

  • RGB
  • Sam Gold
  • Sam Gold

    …or the ultimate metaphor for our beloved Browns organization:

  • Saggy


  • Saggy

    i actually sat on my couch and watched this today. At one point I said to myself, ” you know, if they just up and left again, would I even care?”

    That’s a dangerous place to be in for a fan – and it’s dangerous for this front office. I’ll never abandon these guys but I’ve never cared less.

  • JM85

    Is it wrong I want to see these every week?

  • Kenny_Reigns

    You don’t owe the team anything. It’s entertainment; watch when you’re enjoying yourself. If you’re not enjoying it, do something else.

    The Cavs win for me was extra sweet because I watched all of the bad years, but I don’t begrudge anyone who joined during the Finals. Life is too short to be miserable and if you don’t enjoy the game itself, don’t watch.

  • Marilynlcaraballo

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  • BenRM
  • BenRM

    I stopped watching at halftime. So, as far as I’m concerned, it was a great game!

  • mgbode

    Someone WILL be out next week unless that thing that Jay Gruden didn’t think was possible happens – then I’m not sure how your standings account for it.

  • Harv

    Bravo. If I go to see a band and they suck I might return a few months later if I’m bored in case they’ve improved, but I don’t owe them a thing. They are simply competing with other diversions for my time, attention, money.

    If they upset me for years and I still can’t quit them (guilty), that’s my issue. And if enough of us are stupidly addicted, it might be indirectly contributing to their suckitude.

  • Harv

    I listened to the first half while doing yard work. When they initiated weekly self-immolation phase I switched to some music. Went inside later, turned them on just in time to watch an interception inside their own 10 … chuckled at the thought I’d be watching quality baseball later and turned it off.

    Sashi and Paul have been given reign to fill the field with draft choices, wannabees and canine fecal matter. Fine. But that doesn’t mean I have to spend my fleeting moments on earth watching their season-long training camp auditions.

  • jpftribe

    Wanted: NFL Sign placement specialist. Must be able to lift over 50 pounds and count to 3. Immediate openings.

  • BenRM

    Agreed. You know they’ll throw it away in the end, so I decided I was satisfied eating some chicken and watching 1 half of competent football.

    I’ll sign on for the sashimatic computer for another season or two b/c I understand that the roster ray farmer built was almost unsalvageable…but 0-16 will still hurt, and I have watched less each week. Apparently, so have the fans in the stands.

  • BenRM

    You are not alone, man.

  • Harv

    in the few moments I watched it looked like half the lower bowl seats at midfield were empty – shocking. Or maybe fans in the seats within camera range were getting out of the rain.

  • Sam Gold
  • Skulb

    I really thought this one would be a win after that first half.