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Glazer: Johnny Manziel attending Cavs game played role in decision to start Brian Hoyer

Johnny Manziel Cavs game Cleveland Browns
David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine may have said that the team believes Brian Hoyer gives him the best chance to win football games, but FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reports that there was a bit more to the decision to roll with Hoyer despite his penchant for back-shattering interceptions. According to Glazer, Manziel attending a Cleveland Cavaliers last week played a factor in Hoyer getting the nod.

“Johnny Manziel was not told that he was not the starting quarterback until Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, he was sitting court-side at a Cleveland Cavaliers game,” said Glazer. “People inside the organization wanted to see how he would handle potentially starting—and there he is. They would hope that if you’re getting your first NFL start, you would be at the complex or at home getting ready for the Indianapolis Colts. He wasn’t.”

Glazer believes that as long as the Browns are still in the playoff hunt, the team will err toward starting Hoyer as a way to ensure that the veterans on the team get to play for this season as opposed to next and beyond. Like many others, however, he believes that Hoyer will give way to Manziel once the postseason picture starts to become bleak.

Update: Completely contradicting what he said in the video linked above, Glazer tweets that Manziel going to a Cavs game did not impact the decision. Your guess is as good as mine.


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  • Matthew R Shadrake

    If Manziel isn’t starting next week after Hoyer’s terrible game this week, then *both* of them are done after the year.

    Hoyer was put in a situation where 75% or more of the NFL’s quarterbacks would have succeeded at the start of the year. A stout defense, one of the best offensive lines in football, a great run game that set up a bunch of play action passes. After Mack was hurt, the line and run game were closer to average or below average. More was asked of Hoyer, and he’s failed to deliver. He is what he is, a backup who can succeed when everything around him is better.

    If Pettine thinks Hoyer gives them the best chance to win *next* week when Hoyer hasn’t had a good game in a month, then it’s pretty much proof that the Browns have no faith in Manziel. It means Manziel has been awful in practice and hasn’t done enough to win over his teammates and his coaches, who should be looking at him for answers right now. If they’re looking at him like he’s the equivalent to Tim Tebow when he was with the Jets (remember Ryan continuing to start Sanchez and then McElroy?), Manziel needs to go at the end of the year. They need to start the QB search anew.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Haden is right next to him for 3/4 of the game Haden did really well unfortunately the game was four quarters and when it mattered the most TY Hilton delivered.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Pettine is overwhelmed and the pressure has begun to burst his pipes. Not only do you have a problem at QB but the place kicker should have been replaced two weeks ago. Now I fear it’s to later for either.

  • Rudy

    Pettine does Hoyer no favor by putting him out there when he is performing so poorly.

  • Harv 21

    so Cavs game not the reason, just “epitomized the issue.” In other words, Jay, when we see Johnny out it’s too hard to resist just making crap up.

  • MrCleaveland

    Another bogus “controversy.” Keep flinging poo from your cage, Jay.

    All this crap about coaches putting in 18 a day and sleeping on the office couch and expecting QBs to do the same is garbage.

    We’ve all crammed, and we’ve all pulled the occasional all-nighter, and we all know that you reach a point where continued cranking is counterproductive.

    Looking busy does not mean you’re productive.

    This is garbage.

  • James Sowards

    Jay Glazer is an idoit! What the hell does starting have to do with going 2 cavs game! Glazer is a groupie reporter! Get a real job! To many chiefs! U know the rest!

  • Garry_Owen

    If you believe that taking a few hours to attend a basketball game is the difference in being or not being a starting QB, then you are a jelly-headed moron.

    If Jay Glazer really wants someone to believe this, then he is a jelly-headed moron.

    If, by some god-forsaken chance Coach Pettine actually decided not to start Manziel because he was at a basketball game, then Coach Pettine is a jelly-headed moron, and I take back every good thing I have said about him.

    This whole narrative about Manziel is so jelly-headedly moronic. I don’t know how much more I can take. So tired of people trying to make me believe that John Manziel is the only human being in the world that is somehow, magically required to think about nothing but his job for 24 hours every day. Makes me want to leave this world on a giant inflatable swan.

  • humboldt

    “mmmmmm, jelly headed”


  • dwhit110

    “If you believe that taking a few hours to attend a basketball game is the difference in being or not being a starting QB, then you are a jelly-headed moron.”


  • Matt Borcas

    During Pettine’s Wednesday press conference, he said that he decided to start Hoyer on Tuesday morning. Therefore, Manziel attending Tuesday night’s Cavs game couldn’t have possibly factored into the decision.