Browns Tickets Up 47% After Johnny Manziel Announced As Starter

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns
(Jason Miller / Getty Images)

It’s finally time for Johnny Manziel to take over as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Browns fans are clearly excited for the Johnny Football era in Cleveland, at least according to prices on the secondary market. After Manziel was announced as the starter just after noon eastern, the price of Browns tickets skyrocketed on the secondary market.

According to TiqIQ, the current average price for Browns vs Bengals tickets is now $181.57, 47% above the average before the announcement yesterday. The average price started at $123.78, 1.8% below Cleveland’s season average on the secondary market. Within an hour, the price had already risen 15% from the initial price. Within two hours, the average for the game was up 37%.

Within an hour, the price had already risen 15% from the initial price. Within two hours, the average for the game was up 37%.

The move to Manziel comes a week after the coaching staff debated benching Brian Hoyer before a home against the Indianapolis Colts. The move was not made, the Browns lost 25-24 and ticket prices were the least expensive of the season at FirstEnergy Stadium. The average price for the game was just $96.42, the only game of the season in Cleveland with an average below $100.

With the loss, the Browns most likely fell out of the playoff race. Cleveland will enter Week 15 with a 7-6 record as all three other teams in the AFC North have at least eight wins. Even with a win against the division leading Bengals on Sunday, the Browns would still have to leap the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers for the division title. The Steelers and San Diego Chargers are currently the two Wild Card teams in the AFC with eight wins each. There is also a logjam of 7-6 teams, which include the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs that the Browns would be fighting with for one of the final playoff spots.

Manziel has only appeared in three games this season and has attempted nine passes. With not much hope remaining to extend this year beyond the regular season, this is the first step for the future of the Browns. After trading back up in the first round to grab the quarterback during the draft in May, the team will finally be turning the offense over to the rookie. It may have taken a little longer than many Browns fans would have liked, but the secondary market trend is proof the fans are ready for the new era.

  • Natedawg86

    If they win their last 3 games, they are in the playoffs. They will leap Bal because they play them and they would own tiebreaker. Put a loss on Cincy or Pitts, they play eachother. Cincy also plays Den. Pitts plays a scrappy ATL team, and Kansas City. If we all end up 10-6, Browns will own tiebreakers.

  • mgbode

    yeah, that pesky little thing of winning 3 straight and I think that everything will work out.

  • Pat Leonard

    If the Browns win 3 straight, I’ll buy you a yacht.

  • mgbode
  • scripty

    They’d still need some help from PIT

  • chris jackson

    Looking big picture – this was one of those rare scenarios where a solid decision came at the right time for everybody involved. In so many similarly drama filled NFL soap opera scenarios – somebody gets a dry shave, whether he deserves it or not. A player is usually sent packing after getting showered with verbal urine by organizational leaders … who otherwise insist it’s just a little proverbial ”rain” that will pass.

    Before Manziel there was Hoyer, and in this instance, Hoyer was rightfully given enough time to successfully rebuild a QB resume that will reflect market value he earned. Now, other teams will be lured into giving him a chance to be a potential starter or a valuable backup. Remember Matt Flynn?! He was blessed with similar luck, patience and just enough street cred to become a filthy rich reserve. Healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Manziel’s situation was akin to a ticking public relations time bomb, with heads destined to roll if he escaped and became great elsewhere. He NEEDED to get playing time THIS season to pacify the players, the media, the fans who continue to financially fuel the huge increase in ticket sales and the powers that be in the luxury boxes – who are giddy to finally be able to gage the potential return on their high stakes draft investment.

    Patience will finally pay off for all of the above parties mentioned….and we’ll see if Johnny Football can share his potentially bright future on a city that’s been stuck in a football brown-out for decades.

  • 6thCity

    Have we had a caption contest for this image yet? I’ll start:

    HASLEM: “Well Johnny, It’s…”

    JFF: [headphones bleeding Drake treble] “Don’t worry, Old man. I’ve got this whole thing covered.”

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Oooh, can I get one, too?

  • Ezzie Goldish

    They may be up 47%, but tickets aren’t moving fast yet… I hope they do!

  • chris jackson

    Here’s my longshot attempt to tie the main pic in with the image added by mgbode just above:

    Haslem: Ehhh, JOHN. Were you and DRAKE hosting another party in the players parking lot last night!!??

    JF: We DID! … My bad. I forgot to run it by ya beforehand. How’d you know?

    Haslem: Security found … a BIG .. SOPPING WET …BIRTH CONTROL SPONGE, floating in a puddle of champagne. .. It had a custom monogrammed name on it…

    JF: oh. yeah. Nicki Minaj was here too. NO WORRIES!

  • mgbode

    JFF: Weeden warned me, and no. Hands to yo-self.

  • Natedawg86

    What help would they need from Pitts? If pitts wins all their games, the browns take a WC spot at 10-6

  • mgbode

    not in all scenarios. there is a possible Houston/Buffalo blocking there.

  • Natedawg86

    In order for that to happen, Pitts must win out @ATL, KC and CIN

  • Natedawg86

    I wonder if they are going to hang on to JF jersey after the game so they can eventually put it in the HOF

  • Natedawg86

    And Hou must beat INDY, BAL and JAC and BUFF needs to beat GB NE and OAK

  • Pat Leonard

    I’m not made of yachts, Ezzie!

  • mgbode

    yes, that’s why I agree that if we win out, then everything will work out for us. but, just wanted to make sure people knew who else needs to lose (Buffalo very likely to lose another, but I Houston probably has better odds than us of winning out).

  • Brian Six

    Notice that this article quotes ‘asking price’ of tickets and not actually what people are buying tickets for.