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Josh Gordon will be selling cars during suspension

It’s not exactly NFL-type money, but suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon will reportedly be spending his downtime selling cars in rural Ohio.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that Gordon will be the “Goodwill Ambassador” for the Sarchione Auto Group in Randolph, Ohio, which includes Sarchione Ford and Sarchione Chevrolet. Per Anderson, Gordon, the 2013 leader in receiving yards, will work in all aspects of their car business, including on-floor sales and heading up local community efforts with the Wounded Warriors project.

Gordon, suspended for the season due to a violation of the league’s substance abuse policy, had attempted to seek employment within the Canadian Football League, but was subsequently blocked from doing so by the Browns as the player is still under contract. The reasoning behind such an inquiry is still unknown.

Like his non-suspended teammates, Gordon starts this weekend.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Sooo… no lawsuit, eh? 🙁 [Drops Gordon from all fantasy leagues.]

  • Whatever jokes some of you are cooking up, please don’t share them.

  • Tim K.

    The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this could be another chess move in a lawsuit. I’m no lawyer, but an article posted by Craig yesterday was talking about how since he wasn’t allowed to go to the CFL during his suspension, his ability to work within his skilled craft is being denied. It might also look good to a court to be able to show “Hey look, this guy has to work at a car dealership earning a lot less than his potential because he is being restricted from working at his actual skilled profession.”

    Am I grasping at straws? Most likely. But there could be more to it. (But more than likely just a publicity stunt)

  • CB Everett

    Something like, “Why weed through all those misleading car ads when you can come right down and buy a kush ride from Josh Gordon! Don’t burn all that green at our competitors. Come visit Sarchione Chevrolet.”

    You asked for it.

  • I hate you

  • Harv 21

    This can’t be good, unless a hotshot in the auto group is in recovery and this is a form of oversight/sponsorship. Been a long time since I saw Browns players working real jobs when their careers weren’t officially over. Could mean he’s spent every nickle he’s made and Drew Rosenhaus has cut bait and won’t support him (doubtful). Could mean Josh just takes whatever anyone offers him.

    Another strange occurrence in a strange, strange Cleveland saga. Like Joe Charboneau, but without any of the residual good feelings.

  • RGB

    “Bring all your buds, and check out our stash of preowned vehicles, and you’ll agree, we smoke the competition.”

  • nj0

    So the late waiver I took on Gordon in my fantasy dealership league pays off. Who’s laughing now, Tim?

  • cmm13

    “Nothing lights up the night like a dank ride in your 2014 Chevy Impala. We guarantee you’ll see more leftover green in your wallet with our guaranteed financing on all appealing new and used vehicles in stock”

  • saggy

    I’m thinking it’s Drew’s way of showing Josh two things:

    1. This is what you’d have to do if you weren’t playing and making tons of money.
    2. This is what you can do after your career is over, and make a ton of money owning your own dealership.

  • saggy

    We Deliver!

  • Josh by gosh

    A great way to practice lying and deceiving people straight to their faces. It will help him when he gets back to the NFL.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    What’s hilarious/sad/shows how pathetic I am is that it is for exactly this reason that contrary to my post below claiming otherwise, I actually have not dropped Gordon from my fantasy teams yet.

    This is almost as bad as my daughter believing the Browns “are the best team and always win!” because the three preseason games I’ve taken her and her sister to they’ve won.

  • MrCleaveland


  • dozerdude22

    LMAO so true

  • dozerdude22

    that’s funny ,

  • dozerdude22

    Johnny might need a new car.

  • Tim Clayton

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

  • mgbode

    Clay Matthews Pontiac Revival!!!

  • MrCleaveland


    (For our out-of-town friends, you know how every decent-sized city has a local car dealer who saturates the airwaves with schlocky commercials starring himself? This is take-off on the Cleveland guy, “Coach” Mike D’Amato. But unlike most of the amateur pitchmen, his commercials are actually kind of clever.)

  • MrCleaveland

    Wow, in all my years of reading this site, that might be the first LMAO I’ve ever seen here.

    I’m going to meditate on this.

  • Chris Wesley

    so I take it Goldish that you are naïve enough to think this whole lawsuit came from Gordon and the browns. you probably think there is no way a guy that smokes weed could be smart enough to see this lawsuit rumor was a trap created by rumors. I was smart enough to know before the preseason even started he wont play for at least half the year. have a nice day. goodbye

  • Chris Wesley

    have to give it to the few good ads out there. but most are crap. all I have to say is good for Gordon to go and move on and keep himself busy. see ya next year Josh Gordon. looking forward to it.

  • Chris Wesley

    the lawsuit is a rumor started by Asses. Gordon never even talked about this crap till dumb desperate sports fans and writers kept this rumor alive.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Um OK.

  • Joeblow Hopper

    you draffed Jask Gordon ????
    TEHE !

  • Wyatt

    Maybe a bit of an overreaction on that one. Oh well…have to watch those rumors created by rumors. A vicious trap indeed!

  • devilinpgh

    {insert Ashley Schaeffer BMW/Kia joke here}

  • scripty

    Buy a Ford MuStrange from Josh.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    According to Mike Florio prior to tonight’s GB-SEA season opener if the new drug plan is agreed to by the league and union it’s possible Gordon’s suspension may be reduced OR completely rescinded.

  • tcidda

    Gordon got screwed by the commissioner

  • Cause I Said So

    Work at a real job; like UPS deliveryman, loading dock at home depot, nursing home attendant. Something that makes him appreciate what a swell job he’s pissing away. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Terry

    Obviously no drug testing requirements for car salesmen – who knows perhaps he has found his niche in life allowing him to continue with his addictions and boorish behavior

  • TN

    This guy had a lot to talk about Kyrie Irving on “ESPN First Take” and Twitter. Too bad, because maybe Kyrie would’ve given him a loan.

  • dworm

    one a car that will stop on a dime, burn out the quarter,,, pound for pound- we have a car for you!

  • Needs to re-think being involved with “dealers”…

  • mayer501

    Honestly, maybe I’m also crazy, but I’m fine with keeping Gordon on a bench spot(if you can) simply because a 1% chance of an incredible pay off is worth the risk, I think the best player I could pickup at this point other wise is Hartline, so 1% chance of 14+ points a game starter or 100% chance of 7-8 points a game, on the bench.

    Hell, Hartline or at least someone like Douglas or Baldwin should be left anyway (though I don’t even really need a WR in that bench spot…) in the few days it takes for it to finally be confirmed that he’s not suing, so I don’t see much risk in keeping him along if you don’t really need that last WR spot.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Yup, exactly the logic.