LaRon Byrd likes one-handed catches

LaRon Byrd was cut by the Dallas Cowboys and claimed by the Cleveland Browns. So what’s the big deal about a 25-year-old who went undrafted from the University of Miami in 2012? Maybe nothing. Then again, Byrd is big at 6-foot-4 and he has speed. He also has a propensity to work with the JUGS machine catching the ball one-handed. Contrast that with Greg Little having to work extra hard with the JUGS machine to catch two-handed.

Byrd is a long-shot. It’s not impossible, of course, but he’s a long-shot. There’s always a chance that a guy like Byrd just needed a chance. Miles Austin is the go-to example of this, even as I recognize he’s the exception and not the rule. Austin spent the better part of three years playing special teams for the Cowboys before really breaking out as a receiver at age 25 in 2009 to catch 81 balls for over 1300 yards.

That being said, if you are going to bet on a guy to become a receiver, you could do worse than betting on a big, fast guy who has an ability to snag the ball with one hand off the JUGS machine. Plus, if nothing else, it’s a fun video to watch.

Watch the higher definition video over at the Cowboys’ page.