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Browns and Steelers: Fun with numbers

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The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers kicked off the 2014 season on Sunday with quite a wild one. The Steelers of course won on a last-second field goal after coughing up a 24-point halftime lead. As we like to do around here from time to time, I thought we’d take a closer look and have a little fun… with numbers.

28– Terrance West’s jersey number. West wore No. 20 during training camp and the preseason. After Dion Lewis was cut, West asked to have the number 28, his number at Towson. West was rather attached to the number, as he used it for his social media accounts.

100– West rushed for exactly 100 yards. He is the first Browns back to rush for 100 yards since Trent Richardson did it against the Ravens in November of 2012. He is the first Brown to rush for 100 yards in his NFL debut since 1987.

278– Yards West needs to eclipse last season’s leading rusher, Willis McGahee.

2– Rushing touchdowns by rookie Isaiah Crowell. The last Brown to rush for a pair of scores in a single game was also Richardson, in December of 2012.

4– Total number of rushing touchdowns by the Browns last season.

1– Losses as the Browns starter for quarterback Brian Hoyer. The Browns were 3-0 in games Hoyer started last season. Hoyer was injured on the second series of that third game against Buffalo. The Browns came back and won behind Brandon Weeden.

22– Number of career sacks for both Jabaal Sheard and Paul Kruger. Kruger recorded his 21st and 22nd sack on Sunday, Sheard had one sack to climb to 22.

13– Tackles by Donte Whitner (a team high), replacing T.J. Ward who had 112 last season.

6– Tackles by Karlos Dansby, replacing D’Qwell Jackson who led the team with 141 last season.

4– Total sacks for the Browns on Sunday, who got to the QB 40 times last season.

113– Consecutive games played by Joe Thomas, who has not missed a snap in his NFL career.

6,987– Consecutive snaps by Thomas, the longest active streak in the league.

81– Consecutive games played by Alex Mack, who has not missed a snap in his NFL career.

5,062– Consecutive plays by Alex Mack.

33– Consecutive games played by Mitchell Schwartz, who has also not missed a snap in his NFL career.

+1– Turnover differential for the Browns in the loss. Teams with a +1 turnover differential win 68% of the time (over the last five years.) The Browns were also flagged fewer times for penalties (Cleveland 8 for 55 yards, Pittsburgh 11 for 96 yards).

18– Career victories over the Browns by Ben Roethlisberger. The Browns have beaten him once.

(Photo: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Like I said prior to the opener this team needs to borrow the Seahawks offense which is generated around being able to run the ball to go with the dynamic of Percy Harvin. As we saw the Browns are more then capable of running the ball using a number of players. If Gordon returns, he’s your Harvin.

  • Jared in LA

    Sorry to nitpick, but I’ve always hated the Quarterback won/loss “stat”. With 22 guys on the field (offense/defensive starters). The head coach gets that stat, not the quarterback.

    Also, 4 TD’s by running backs last year was PATHETIC. I believe like 2 of those came in the final 2 games or something. Amazing it was that low.

  • Jared in LA

    Oh man, that second sentence is a mess, I meant to write more but just ended it. My bad!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Like no worries! 😉

  • CBI

    Set up an account, then you can go back and edit your posts.

  • chompchomp

    My jaw dropped when I read 4 total rushing TDs last year. Somehow, I stopped paying as much attention. I assert that Crowell’s UDFA pick may be the biggest snag of the draft. Reminds me of Maurice Clarett.

  • 41 TDs for West last year.

    I don’t care if it’s Towson, high school, or Pop Warner. 41 TDs.

  • Harv 21

    It’s usually not a great thing for the defense when the leading tackler plays safety. Especially when he’s stronger against the pass than run.

  • chompchomp

    He certainly knows where the end zone is. I think McGahee simply forgot in his old age.

  • mgbode

    did you really have to devote so much of this space to the durability of our OL considering how poor the depth we have there this year? I feel like you just called out a perfect game in the 5th inning.

  • Pat Leonard

    There’s a lot of talk about how much Justin Gilbert was abused (and he was), but it was a rough night in pass protection for Donte Whitner as well. He had a hard time staying with receivers over the middle.