Pettine declines to name a starter: “Not in position to make it at this time”

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Mike Pettine told the media on Tuesday that the team was not ready to name a starting quarterback yet.

This could mean that the staff decides on a quarterback tonight, informs the team tomorrow morning and then the media in the afternoon. It could also mean that the competition goes on for another week.

So there you have it. No news today Browns fans.

(For the record, technical issues locked a number of us out of the conference call today.)

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  • MrCleaveland

    Oh no. Having lost faith in Hoyer, now I’m starting to lose faith in Pettine. He’s taking a bad situation and making it worse. He looks weak, vacillating, and not like a man in charge.

    I don’t know what revelation he thinks he’s going to find, but it looks like this is what he’s got to work with and it ain’t likely to get better any time soon. So man up and make the call.

  • maxfnmloans

    I dont care who played like what last night, that was all on the coaches. You cant switch QBs on a drive by drive basis and expect anyone to look good. John Cooper taught me that with Joe Germaine and Stan Jackson

  • Harv 21

    This really blows for Pettine. He knows he’s on the clock, knows his area of expertise is not the offense, that someone else is coaching them up. Unlike Mangini, he didn’t pick his GM. Unlike Chud, he didn’t pick his OC.

    Twenty hours later I’m still kind of shocked how rusty or uncomfortable Hoyer looks, how he couldn’t just play mediocre against a bad team playing a vanilla defense. If Pettine has any juice in this org, maybe he best use it to insist they bring in a veteran. No, not Grossman, one who might actually lengthen the leash he’s on.

  • Harv 21

    Having said that, it’s probably too late. The percentage move is to just name Hoyer, give him all the reps and pray he’s still vertical after Pittsburgh. Because Johnny wouldn’t be.

  • The_Real_Shamrock
  • nobody

    Based on those two names, it sounds like you’re implying there’s no good QB on the roster (which is true at this point)

  • MrCleaveland

    Here’s what I’d do right now. I’d name Hoyer the starter, Shaw the back-up, and Manziel the scout team QB.

  • V. C. Evans Sr.

    Bring this guy out of retirement…..
    Take a hard look at Vince Young,… He can still play at a HIGH level,…. His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19 as a starting quarterback… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. In 2010, Vince Young had a quarterback rating of 98.6 …………………………
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince can WIN………… ANY quarterback in the NFL with that kind of record would easily be given, chance after chance to play on an N.F.L team …… Vince Young has earned that right……. Give it to him….
    Bring in Vince Young “NOW”… Evaluate him, if he’s good enough sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal… Next year at the very least, you would have a good backup quarterback…

  • RGB
  • mgbode

    it would figure, wouldn’t it?

    big-time celebrity 1st round hyped up QB
    hometown veteran who does and says all the right things

    and, then have the UDFA guy who was maligned in college by his own fanbase at times and ignored by the NFL at the draft due to his arm strength come in and just seize the team and never let go.

    (I doubt it – especially for this season, but it would figure)

  • RGB

    “maligned in college by his own fanbase at times…”
    The local SEC radio honks love him…for all the same reasons we do.
    “The most underrated player in college football” they were saying today.
    If college Hoyer and Shaw came out in the same year, who would you draft? 😉

  • maxfnmloans

    To quote a line from an awful awful movie I suffered through for my wife’s sake, “you can’t ride two horses with one ass”…vacillating between the two is doing nothing good for anyone. We might have one of maybe even two good qbs…but with this nonsense we won’t ever find out

  • mgbode

    and yet, at times, Shaw was despised. It was all Love/Hate with him. there were guys who loved him for being so gritty and the comebacks and, most of all, winning.

    then, there seemed like a non-insignifcant portion of gamecock fans who didn’t like him as he got nicked up too often, and felt he got too much credit for those wins.

    it felt like many had wanted Garcia to keep starting. then, they wanted Morris. then, Dylan Thompson.


    and yes, I was on the “love” side of things with him. I would have taken him in the 4th round easily, so I’m extremely happy we got him as an UDFA.

  • RGB

    Michigan was the same way with Brady. The fans wanted Drew Henson, not him.

  • Robert Gehling

    I can’t blame him (Pettine). I’m pretty decisive myself and I still am not sure what I saw last night. On the other side of things, it’s Hoyer’s job to lose still so maybe that’s the call. Get him comfortable and not having to look over his shoulder.

  • Sam Gold

    OK if he meets with his OC first?

  • Sam Gold

    The thing is just one or two of those passes from Hoyer that hit receivers in the hands gets caught and we’re having an entirely different conversation today and last week.

  • MrCleaveland

    You mean they haven’t been introduced yet? Well okay.

  • cmm13


  • Sam Gold

    Really? “Meets with” is confused with “meets?” Well okay.

  • mgbode

    you might not be able, but it doesn’t mean that all cannot.