Browns’ Manziel fined $12,000 for giving Redskins bench the finger


Johnny Manziel’s $4.3 million signing bonus just took a small hit on Friday as the league fined him $12,000 for the Finger Seen ‘Round the World. Per NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, Manziel is allegedly weighing an appeal.

Why would the rookie appeal something that was captured on live television and retweeted at an epic volume? The fine given to Manziel is just a hair above the standard fine for such an incident.

Hashtag TheBird. Hey, did you hear? There’s a game tomorrow? There will be a football and everything.

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  • MoreGolfLessWork


  • Natedawg86

    Someone call him on his money phone

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    So much Manziel news today…yea! Tomorrow can’t come fast enough oh wait the Browns play, well play might be a stretch given last week sigh at least we’ll get to see some new scoreboards.

  • That image is going to be around for a long time, solid bird GIF.

  • Garry_Owen

    I’ve thought about using it, but the difficulty with this gif is that it’s the bird, going away. Hard to think of a time where a back-handed flip off is appropriate, as I tend to think of the person seeing the gif as being in front of the image, not behind. Typical Johnny Football: Can’t do anything right. (Or is it? Typical Johnny Football: Iconoclast.)

  • Johnny C$CKBALL

    Browns play tomorrow? …. wait that means a preseason game? With johnny 1 finger goofball? Preseason football just got allot better, Can’t wait to watch goofball pick turf out of his helmet, or maybe run around the field with his finger shoved up his A$$… HAHAHAHAHA I can’t wait