David Blatt won’t commit to starting Dion Waiters

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Flexibility is typically a benefit, but the Cleveland Cavaliers’ current options could prove to make Dion Waiters’ goal of being the team’s starting shooting guard a bit difficult. Waiters’ desires are well known by this point, and while Andrew Wiggins may very well be on his way out, but Cavs have added Mike Miller and could very well be in the mix for Ray Allen—both players who are taller than Waiters and could instantly add flexibility and floor spacing. With options abound, during a recent interview constructed with the help of David Pick, Cavs head coach David Blatt would not commit to Waiters as a member of the team’s starting five.

Dion is a lot of things to this team. I’ve never seen any particular importance to the emphasis of starting or not, I see an emphasis on playing and helping the team win. That’s not to say he will or won’t start, that’s not the point. I think his and every player’s motto and desire needs to be to help the team win. That’s what’s important.

Waiters, who averaged over 18 points per game as a starter for the Cavs in 2013-14, has lost approximately 10 pounds since the start of the offseason.

If Waiters has anything going for him, it’s the fact that Blatt referred to Kyrie Irving as the team’s “multifaceted point guard” and, as a coach, is a fan of small lineups. If the first-year head coach opts to run with Kevin Love (who is expected to be announced as a member of the Cavs on Saturday) at the center and LeBron James at power forward, it would be expected that Miller, Allen or Shawn Marion (the shortest being 6-foot-5) would play small forward with the 6-foot-4-inch Waiters getting plenty of run at the shooting guard spot. Whether or not this has implication on who starts, however, remains to be seen.

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  • Lunch

    Likely Dion will disagree about being on the bench, but depending on how Blatt sets up his lineup, he probably doesn’t have a choice in the matter. I can see a trade happening within the next few years, UNLESS Blatt is very good at convincing Dion on the importance of being a bench player as opposed to a starter.

  • Wow

    LeBron, Love and Marion are here now. Shut up and play Waiters. He’s better off the bench anyway.

  • mgbode

    So, LeBron loses 15lbs. Dion loses 10lbs. Kyrie is apparently in ridiculous shape (from TeamUSA reports), and we don’t have a true center on the roster who is healthy.

    Sure seems a bunch of circumstantial evidence that we are going to be a run-n-gun team next year.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Didn’t Dion himself say he doesn’t “need” to start, though he’d prefer it, on his Twitter? Or in an interview (perhaps on Cavs’ site)?

    I think he’ll quickly be fine with being a Manu-type with significant scoring off the bench, when his other choice is being the fourth option most of the game. If he stays with the Cavs he’ll look better and if he ends up a FA or trade bait he’ll be that much bigger a la Harden.

  • mgbode

    if we have learned anything as Cavs fans, then it should be that you never plan the next few years in advance.

  • eldaveablo

    Um, Dion didn’t say anything in this article. Don’t quite understand why he needs to shut up. Weeks ago when he said he wanted to start, he was just answering a question. I think the perception of Dion is being exaggerated a little too much.

  • Wow

    Um it’s Waiters, I’m sure it will come eventually. He’s far more valuable as a sixth man.

  • Horace

    Or the next few months in advance!

  • Horace

    While not on the roster yet, weren’t there rumors of Oden, Okafor, or possibly Jermaine O’Neal coming here?

  • cmm13

    Only 3 days until we will trade our number one draft pick (allegedly).

    …..add “days” to not planning in advance as well.

  • cmm13

    Maybe he meant…. SHUT UP DION as in…. go to sleep Dion?

    I mean seriously that kid never sleeps….. ever.


  • 6thCity

    I spent almost an hour trying to explain to a “casual” basketball fan friend of mine how we didn’t really need length at 5 or tons of defense to win playoff games, cause you can just score all these points, before I realized I didn’t really have a very valid argument. Oh, well. Things are still looking way, way up for our town, I shouldn’t complain.

  • scripty

    People have always been way to quick to judge Dion. He is one of the most talented PGs in the game, but is just very young and had no idea that defense is important due to the poor coaching of Byron Scott.
    Continue to mold him and let him grow. He’s definitely an impact guy with Stackhouse, JR Rider skills, just need to coach and support him.

  • George G

    Pretty sure the Oden rumors are out the window after he hit his ex-girlfriend in Indy.

  • jeff

    Alex Kirk? I kid of course..

  • bub

    He’s a sg.

  • mgbode

    he is a true center and I did not indicate “NBA quality” in the statement 🙂

  • RGB

    The Showtime Cavs? 😀

  • RGB

    How about “Eastern Conference quality”?

  • mgbode

    The genuine imitation of the center position was growing smaller to be a friendly takeover of a clearly misunderstood impossible solution.

    It was a minor miracle that the negative growth of centers is now somewhat old news and considered a loosely sealed open secret.

    In my unbiased opinion, this peaceful conquest should incite a dull roar to break the deafening silence from the small crowd of social statisticians.

    Or were you not going for an oxymoron there?

  • scripty

    yep, typo LOL