LeBron James hints at bringing powder toss back to Cleveland


Largely abandoning his pre-game powder tossing ritual since leaving Cleveland, LeBron James has hinted toward bringing it back for his second stint with the Cavaliers.

James, signing with the Cavaliers in July, is already bringing back his jersey No. 23 so the powder toss seems like an easy addition. If you want to see the first toss live, secondary market prices for the Cavs’ opening night tilt start at $575. No word on if The Q will be pumping Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock” so we can all party like it’s 2009 once again, but it’s shaping up to be one hell of a night.

  • dimoko
  • If the roof doesn’t blow off the Q when this happens for the first time back, we can be confident that it is constructed to withstand anything.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Y not ‘cuz!

  • Harv 21

    No thanks. The messiah fantasy is so 2009. We’ve seen too much, so how about we all try to access our normal side this go ’round.

  • The_Real_Shamrock
  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Well…he WAS dead to us for 3 days 4 years, then he came back with promises of the one paradise. He left us to take his place in “The Big 3”. Our Daniel also safely came to us from the Lions’ den.

    The powder toss might be too subtle.

  • ThatAlex

    Booooo why are you against harmless fun?! My favorite thing about sports, and particularly the NBA, is getting all caught up in all the hype and excess and these messiah complexes.

    Let him finally lead us to the Larry O’Brien promised land, and I will be enjoying and embracing every second of it.