Josh Gordon decision has been made according to Adam Schefter

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Photo by Scott Sargent / WFNY

[Update: NFL Rules on Josh Gordon: Suspension Upheld, Browns Pissed]

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Josh Gordon appeal decision has been made. Apparently the only thing left to decide is when to issue that judgement.

It’s all so confusing at this point. There’s nothing regarding the appeal that can change at this point, I don’t think. It all just makes me wonder what, exactly, the NFL is really waiting for. If they were waiting for the DWI case to occur, they’ll have to keep waiting as that was pushed back to November.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk does have an interesting legal opinion on the matter of the NFL’s timing. He points out that if Josh Gordon takes the legal route and sues, that a judge might view the NFL’s feet-dragging ways in a way that would allow for Gordon to get an injunction and continue playing.

The delayed issuance of the decision by hearing officer Harold Henderson will put more pressure the judge to whom the case would be assigned to process the facts, to research the law, and to make a fair and proper decision as to whether Gordon should be allowed to play pending a final ruling in the case. And the judge to whom the case is assigned could blame the NFL for dragging its feet, which could make the judge more favorable to Gordon’s cause. Which eventually could make Gordon available to play for most or all of the 2014 season.

It’s unclear who that would benefit more in the case of the Cleveland Browns, although it’s stiff competition in the top three between Brian Hoyer, Mike Pettine and Cleveland Browns fans. Even if Gordon eventually gets the hammer dropped on him, if he could play the entirety of 2014 while the case is making its way through the court, that would be amazingly fortunate for the team as it buys them a year to address the deficiencies at wide receiver.


    I’m going to go ahead and take credit for pushing the NFL to announce the ruling today. 🙂


    (And yes, the whole thing is maddening on so many levels…)

  • Garry_Owen

    It’s all yours! And well deserved, I’d say. You will forever be linked to Gordon’s suspension (in my mind, anyway). Indeed, I blame you!


    They were going to let him go until I opened my pie hole.

  • Garry_Owen

    They were all like:

    “So, we’re good with just issuing a stern warning with a dark eyebrow glare, right?”

    “That’s right. His lawyers made a great case, and . . . wait a minute, what’s this? Waiting For Next Year thinks our whole process is . . . ‘ORCHESTRATED!'”

    “Of all the nerve. This guy, “DP,” he appears to really hate the NFL.”

    “Now, they’ve got this commenter, Garry_Owen. He seems to get it. Maybe we shouldn’t take it out on him, but something about this DP . . . it just eats at my craw.”

    “So, what you say? A full year suspension, then?”

    “Seems like the only logical choice.”

    “Yeah. Screw DP and the 42 idiots that up-voted him.”

    “What about Garry?”

    “We should do something for him. Maybe extend an invitation for him to perform during the Super Bowl halftime? I hear he’s got a great band, ‘Johnny and the Swan.'”

    “Sounds good. As long as he pays us for it.”

    “Done. Call Adam Schefter.”

    “Uh, he’s right here, under the table. Just tell him yourself.”

  • JTLoh

    Yes they can. A first-time DUI is a suspension under the leagues “substance abuse” policy and yes if it is their first time violating that, it’s a 2 game check fine. However, although it would be Gordon’s first DUI it ISN’T his first violation of the leagues substance abuse policy.

  • Pat Leonard

    I don’t think that’s correct… pretty sure it doesn’t fall under the substance abuse policy. Feel free to scour the NFL rule book and come back if you wish.

  • Pat Leonard

    Check that, I was wrong… see my other response.