Johnny Manziel completes bomb to Travis Benjamin

Training camp stats are for the birds, but I recently noted that I didn’t feel as if the Browns were successful going long in camp. Between Hoyer and Manziel, I just haven’t seen a lot of long completions challenging the back of the defense. When the Browns do toss those kinds of passes, it’s a host of overthrows and passes defensed.

Not yesterday when Manziel found Travis Benjamin on this bomb.

  • Gabriel Louis Venditti

    Can’t help but notice the defensive player who stopped short of a sack that let the play continue on. Can’t tell who it is but they kneel down right in front of Johnny and then turn the other way.

  • charles

    notice he would have been sacked well before getting that pass off

  • humboldt

    Opponents will also soon learn to kneel before Johnny

  • Natedawg86

    I was counting in my head after the ball was snapped. Ball didn’t seem to be in the air all too long either.

  • I believe those were 7 on 7s, so that is pretty typical as there is no offensive or defensive line. It’s a good way for running backs, tight ends and fullbacks to see linebackers moving, but by definition, those linebackers will sometimes be completely unimpeded to the QB.

  • Andrew VanMeter

    Number 54 is listed as zac diles.
    He’s the one who stopped short of sacking manziel.

  • bossman09

    2nd string action…