Jerry Jones’ son “snatched” the Johnny Manziel draft card away on draft day

Manziel draft

Have you guys heard about how the Dallas Cowboys almost drafted Johnny Manziel? I thought everyone had, but it’s come up again, this time with even more details. Jim Dent has written in his new book that Jerry Jones’ son “snatched” the Manziel draft card from his dad’s hands, otherwise Johnny Football would be in Brandon Weeden’s spot, presumably.

Jones made his “that close” comment on NFL Network on July 28. And in a new book, “Manziel Mania,” author Jim Dent reveals that Jones couldn’t resist himself from drafting Manziel. Instead, his son Stephen, the team’s executive vice president, held his father back from drafting Manziel.

Instead of grabbing one of the most decorated college quarterbacks in the draft, the Cowboys executed a decidedly less “sexy” draft maneuver. The Cowboys drafted offensive guard Zack Martin. By all accounts the Cowboys are very happy with their first rounder and how he’s picking up the NFL game, but it makes you wonder if Cowboys fans will always wonder what could have been.

We’ve been through that in Cleveland as the Browns pretty well passed on Mark Sanchez via trade-down in order to eventually get Alex Mack. Obviously the situation is a bit different as the Cowboys flat passed on Manziel for Martin, but the equation works out the same now that the chips are on the table. If Manziel goes on to become a superstar franchise quarterback, the Cowboys will probably regret it and look back at stories like the above with a burning fire of anger.