Did Mike Pettine make a foot fetish joke about Rex Ryan in ALS ice bucket video?

Rex Ryan accused Mike Pettine of taking a page out of his book as he took some friendly jabs at his former assistant. Mike Pettine wasted no time responding with an offer to go “toe-to-toe” at any time. Although I can’t be positive, I’m just guessing that this is Pettine’s way of poking fun at his former mentor’s alleged connection with various foot and toe videos.

Charity has never been this entertaining.

  • jeff

    Nobody got Pettine????

  • mgbode

    we have a smart team. veteran move there.

  • mgbode

    gotta love the back-n-forth between Rex and Mike this offseason. i don’t think either of them is taking it too seriously, just having fun with it (IMO).

  • jeff

    good point

  • Samuel Barrick

    Did you notice that Manziel strategically placed himself to take the ice bucket meant for Pettine? I think somebody is trying to earn brownie points. It is like there is a competition at his position or something…

  • bossman09

    Gotta love a coach that stands tall in front of a challenge.

  • dimoko

    this makes me like our coach a lot more…and i already liked him a lot.