Andrew Wiggins hasn’t spoken with LeBron James, doesn’t know what to say

Poor Andrew Wiggins. Regardless of how anyone feels about Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Love or anything else, you’ve got to feel for the kid living in limbo. This interview with ESPN is awfully awkward and Wiggins admits he hasn’t talked to LeBron James at all.

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See the interview below.

  • Natedawg86

    either way, I think i am going to be rooting for this kid.
    ESPN asked a lot of dumb questions to the kid.

  • Esumuata Sydnor

    It would be a good sign of mentoring if, Lebron would reach out and bring this young brother along, Show him what to avoid. and keep the wolves at bey.

  • Grammar Nazi


  • mgbode
  • Wow

    Haha they wouldn’t be ESPN otherwise.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I don’t know what they expected him to say honestly I think this is an interview where either he or the Cavaliers should have said thanks but no thanks. In any event the storyline should be teams wanting Wiggins not that they don’t. If he does indeed get traded it’s only because teams think so much of him. The fact that an All-Star. top 15 player, is who he’s being traded for is also credit to Wiggins.

  • Djibril

    Lebron is always looking for the best roster to jump to unlike the Magics and Jordans of the past. All of that I came back to rescue NE Ohio was just talk.
    Now he wants Kyrie, K.Love,Ray Allen, Mike Miller, etc and not to mention all of the additional 1st rd picks Cavs have accumulated.

    Rooting for Wiggins though.

  • Andrew Sauls

    Stop hating! How can you say that LeBron is always jumping, when he has only been on one other team other than The Cavaliers. And as far as you other comment, what NBA player wouldn’t want to be on a good or great team. No great player has ever won an NBA Championship alone. Bird, Magic or Jordan didn’t do it!. They all played on GREAT TEAMS Mister! LeBron didn’t have a great team the first time around in Cleveland and he just want to make sure that he has a fighting chance this around. Great player don’t beat great teams as you should have seen this past season with The Spurs against The Heat. These days you need at least two to three superstars on a time and good role players.

  • Djibril

    Stop sucking off.

    Bird, Magic nor Jordan left their teams to go team up with other stars and win.

    He went to Cleveland because Miami’s roster had aged while Cleveland was younger and had more to work with.

    Just call it what it is. Save all of that I did it for Akron and Cleveland talk.

  • The Other Tim


  • The Other Tim

    Congrats to those guys for never leaving those teams with Jabbar, Worthy, Parrish, DJ, McHale, Pippen and Grant. And they only got two coaches fired. HEROS!

  • The Other Tim

    This is a 19 year old kid looking at a camera lens with a detached voice coming through an ear piece. That voice is asking bad questions, then repeating them as non-questions.
    That being said, Wiggins’ agent has an obligation to keep him informed regarding his status and what could happen.