Woj: Cavs shopping pick and Jarrett Jack to clear cap space

DSC_0432We talked a little bit about the Cavaliers’ cap space last night when it was announced that Spencer Hawes was headed to the Clippers. Today, Yahoo’s news-breaking juggernaut Adrian Wojnarowski indicates that the Cavaliers and Rockets are working out deals to generate space to offer a full-max to LeBron James.

Jack signed a 4-year, $25.2 million with the Cavaliers last offseason, which was highly regarded as a huge get for the Cavaliers to provide a veteran backcourt influence for backcourt mates Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Instead, Jack disappointed and struggled for stretches of the team’s disappointing campaign, averaging 9.5 points on 41% shooting (below his career averages of 10.9 and 44%, respectively). The final year of Jack’s three remaining years is a team option. So, a team is committing to two years of the 30-year-old Jack at a total cost of $12.6 million. Jack is much easier to move than Jeremy Lin, who is owed nearly $15 million this season.

To help grease the wheels, the Cavaliers have extra draft picks (though not as many as a few months ago, Luol Deng and Spencer Hawes!). In addition to all of their own first and second round picks, they own Miami and Memphis’s 2015 first round picks. Miami’s is Top-10 protected the next two years and unprotected in 2017. Memphis’s has much heavier stipulations, but starts at 1-5 and 15-30 protected in ’15 and ’16, top five protected in ’17 and ’18, and unprotected in ’19. The Bulls own the rights to swap their first round pick with Cleveland’s this year if it is outside of the lottery as well.

(Photo: Scott Sargent/WFNY)

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  • Kildawg

    One of my favorite Cavs conspiracies has been to use the sign and trade; send Deng, Jack, and the Miami pick to Miami for LeBron James. If the LA Clippers want Hawes, they should have a S&T ready; as well as non-guarantees/picks/other way of generating cap space.

  • simond

    are the conditions of the Miami pick still intact if we trade the pick back to Miami?

  • Horace

    As a result of Dan Gilbert’s playoff proclamation last year, did any of the subsequent moves work out? Off the top of my head, these moves, each tied to the Cavs making the playoffs ASAFP, was an abject failure: Jarrett Jack signing, Earl Clark signing, Andrew Bynum signing, Anthony Bennett draft pick, Luol Deng trade, Spencer Hawes trade, etc.

    Meanwhile, Nerlens Noel looks like an absolute man child in summer league. Thanks, Dan (and Chris Grant)!

  • Jason

    Yes noel also looks lIike his legs will break any minute

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It’s called summer league for a reason I don’t blame the Cavaliers for one second on passing on Noel it’s not like he was Andre Drummond.

  • Pat Leonard

    For Pete’s sake, I’ve reached my limit for Nerlens-love. With the exception of his 7-7 free throw shooting, he did exactly what we expected. Super-athlete. Great finisher around the rim. Good hands defensively to steal the ball. Can’t shoot outside of 10 feet. Didn’t rebound or block shots at the level we expected. It’s one game in the summer league and he got almost all of his points being guarded by a guy I had to look up (Dewayne Dedmon apparently). The way twitter was freaking out yesterday, you’d think he was playing against Anthony Davis. Everybody just take a cold shower and regroup.

  • saggy

    The voice of reason

  • Horace

    Well, let’s see how AB looks next week. Personally, 7’0, super athlete, great touch around the rim, good hands, etc. from a 20 yr old who hasn’t played in a year sounds pretty incredible.

  • Horace

    Correct, his shot looked miles better than Dummond and he looked quicker (especially his hands) than Drummond. In one summer league game, Noel looked more impressive than Bennett did at any point last season.

  • humboldt

    “This guy here is Ded(mon).”

    “Cross him off then.”

  • Pat Leonard

    He’s only 7 feet tall if you count his hair. Look i don’t dislike Noel. I think he can be a pretty useful player. He’s never going to make an all-star game but he could be a defensive player of the year candidate in five years after he puts on some weight. Let’s just remember that Kelly Olynyk looked like a god among men in summer league last year. It’s much different when you have 260 lb centers constantly pushing you off your spot. I expect Bennett to look great as well, and if he doesn’t I’ll be disappointed.

  • Pat Leonard

    Yes… Because it was summer league.