Video: Johnny Manziel pitches Nike’s new Vapor Ultimate cleats

The Nike Vapor Ultimate Men’s Football Cleat is said to combine Flyknit and Flywire technology with “innovative design” to give athletes secure support, molding to their foot for superior traction and explosive speed. These were years in the making. And they now has “Professional” Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel as it’s first pitchman for the 2014 NFL season who says “it’s the best cleat he’s ever put on his feet.

If these bad boys can help Manziel be faster, well, sorry opposing defenses. They can also be yours for a cool $250, available at

  • RGB

    The Nike Vapor Ultimate Men’s Football Cleat combines Flyknit and Flywire technology with innovative design to give you secure support, molding to your foot for superior warmth and dryness when holding a clipboard on those cold Cleveland sidelines.

  • Garry_Owen

    The snake oil sales pitch of all athletic shoes: They make you faster! (Thus, the military’s brilliant nomenclature slang for running shoes: “Go Fasters.” )

    Truth in advertising: Shoes can never make you run faster. If you ain’t fast, you ain’t going to be fast in any shoes.

  • mgbode

    Run barefoot, then run in the shoes both on the surface for which they are intended. Odds are extremely high that you will run faster in the shoes (if you give both attempts full effort). It is all relative. You might not be fast, but you likely will be faster.

    For further support, Braylon Edward will attest that running without shoes does not make you faster.

  • Garry_Owen

    No shoe will make you run faster than you are capable of running.

  • mgbode

    But, many shoes can help you achieve your fastest potential speed. I suppose I am allowing the leniency of the implied phrase though:

    They make you faster (than without them)

  • BOOM! (Science.)

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    John McClane disagrees.

  • TheRobot57

    $250? I’m glad we have slave kids making them. Imagine how much they’d cost if they were made using reputable means.