Browns think Johnny Manziel has regressed in practice, worry about partying


In a topic that’s been beaten to death, even on these very pages, we have something of an update. Mary Kay Cabot is reporting from sources within the Browns that they are “stunned” by Johnny Manziel’s non-stop antics during this off-season.

Manziel regressed in practice after the first week of organized team activities, and some in the organization attributed it to too much jet-setting and not enough dedication to the playbook.

Team officials had bought into Manziel’s pre-draft promises to tone down the partying and leave his frat-boy lifestyle back in College Station, Texas, and they’ve been stunned by his non-stop antics, sources said.

I know there’s massive disagreement on this issue and how big of a deal it is. There are questions as to if what Johnny Manziel is doing is even out of the ordinary compared to his peers. Is it just that Johnny has a bigger spotlight on him? These are the things we’ve already gone round and round on as the Browns approach training camp with the rookie. If you believe the reports prove the Browns have legitimate concern, then it’s troubling.

When these things are reported, however, you never truly know what the intent of the source. Maybe the Browns are leaking something like this to send a message to Manziel that party time is officially over with the start of camp. Maybe they’re simply trying to get him to be the best he can be and think this negative talk might just motivate him. Some believe that much of the chatter surrounding the team’s Week 1 starter was done with similar goal in mind.

But for those like our own TD who have said, “Call me when it impacts the Browns during the regular season,” it should at least be a concern that the Browns think that Manziel has regressed in practice while simultaneously partying all over the country.

The only one who could be happy with report like this has the last name, “Hoyer.”

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    Another damaging aspect of his antics is that your QB is supposed to be a leader and command the respect of the team. Anybody think Joe Thomas respects this clown? Time to grow up, dude.

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    “and some in the organization”

    Janitors? Cooks? Or people who actually make football decisions?

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    The fact is that manziel is actually partying at events and clubs all over the country. He will fail!

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    Connor freakin Shaw….Going to save the year if Hoyer goes down!

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    I can see rehab coming up! He can’t stop! He’s got great potential but it has to be developed by his efforts! Good luck, Johnny!

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    Pretty sure this report is garbage because no football person would use the phrase “non-stop antics”. Well, maybe a Pop Warner coach, but that’s about it.