Dion Waiters: I want to start, but…

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As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves about acquiring disgruntled power forward Kevin Love, one of the players who could potentially be dealt is reiterating that he wants his role to be as a starter. In an interview with CSNSW’s Chris Haynes, Waiters stated that not only does he want to be among the Cavaliers’ starting five, he thinks he should be despite the team using their recent No. 1 pick on a shooting guard in Andrew Wiggins.

Dion Waiters is enormously confident in his abilities to produce on the basketball court. It’s one of the main reasons why he’s one of the best young scorers in this league. […]

On Monday, following Day 1 of TEAM USA training camp, when CSNNW.com followed up on the matter, Waiters didn’t back down from his stance to be inserted into the starting lineup come next season.

“I want to start and I believe that I should at the two,” Waiters told CSNNW.com.

Despite what many may make it appear to be, Waiters is not drawing his line in the sand by any means. He isn’t demanding a starting role, he’s just extremely confident in his abilities (he averaged over 18 points per game last season as a starter) and feels that he’s the best man for the job. The third-year guard also says that he has dropped 10-12 pounds since the last game of the season thanks to a new diet he’s dedicated to. The results, per Haynes, are a lighter, more athletic 6-foot-4-inch swingman. It should also be noted that his comments have the backing from head coach David Blatt who wants his players to have the confidence Waiters is showing.

High knees, ya’all.

Dion Waiters Dance

Waiters also addressed his recent use of Twitter wherein the two-guard has been interacting with fans almost on a nightly basis. ” I’ve always been a guy that gives it right to you,” he said. “I’ve never been a guy that plays that political stuff. I was brought up that way. I’m straightforward. I give my honest opinion. I’m not going to sit here and hide.”

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  • Johan K

    Waiters always looked a little heavy, so the weight loss is awesome news. I think he’s due for a big year.

  • I’m a big Dion fan. I think he’d be great in Minny if he was one of the top two options. He’d be a supporting/role player in CLE, but yes—could be in for a nice season given the double-teams others may see.

  • Wow

    I love waiters off the bench personally.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I love Dion Waiters in a trade!

  • Harv 21

    When the trade goes down that’s the guy with the dog in him I’ll be “what-iffing” about when we see him on the highlights hitting the huge shots. If that swag came in a bottle Anthony Bennett would have some.

  • Al-Zamar McKinney

    The problem for Dion is that he’s too ball dominant. If you have a starting lineup featuring Kyrie, Lebron, and Kevin Love, then Waiters can’t be a part of it. There won’t be enough touches between the four of them. So, Waiters needs to come off the bench where he’ll be able to terrorize opposing second units. Then he’ll get the touches he needs to be effective.

  • simond

    Wouldn’t Dion be in line to start if Wiggins is traded?

  • Richard Daugherty

    Honestly, if anybody was going to be in trade rumors between Kyrie and Dion, my choice between the 2 was Kyrie. Why? Because I didn’t think the chemistry problem was as much a Dion thing as much as a Kyrie thing. Frankly, Kyrie wasn’t that hot last year, often injured and did seem to be a bit distracted. When he was out because of the bicep injury, the team seemed to FLOW just fine! When he came back, the ball was in his hands at the perimeter w/ everybody wondering what he was going to do – not pretty! Next thing you know, he gets a MAX deal! In short, I believe that Lebron being here w/ Coach Blatt & Lue will keep it straight. I hope Dion doesn’t get traded, he’s a great 2! JESUS IS LORD

  • mgbode

    Dion also is likely in line to start if he is traded.

  • BenRM

    This is a super non-story that has been turned into a story.

    “Guy wants to start. Guy thinks he’s good enough to start.”

    What part of that is a newsworthy or unusual? This isn’t a jab at WFNY. The talking heads need to stop talking out of other orifices.