LeBron James will return to wearing No. 23

jamesnumberAfter much debate that included the numbers 23, 6, and 32, and an Instagram post where James asked fans “23 or 6?” nine days ago, LeBron James has, err, decided. James will return to the number 23, which he wore for all seven seasons in Cleveland. James changed to No. 6 when he left Cleveland for Miami in the summer of 2010.  This announcement came via James’s Instagram account.

The choice to return to his previous number is one that will undoubtedly be a popular one in Northeast Ohio for those (like this blogger) who held onto their James jerseys from the previous era just in case. It also prevents the Cavaliers from potentially having to retire two different numbers from James someday (not that they wouldn’t be willing).

No. 32 was being rumored because he wore the digits his freshman year at Akron SVSM. There was also some thought that he would continue with No. 6, the number that brought him four straight Finals appearances and two titles in Miami. James had announced prior to his departure from Cleveland that he would be changing numbers from 23 regardless of where he ended up that following year. James still believes that 23 should be retired around the league in honor of Michael Jordan, but perhaps he decided it didn’t hurt to get grandfathered in even if the NBA would decide to make such a move.

Now, we can turn our attention to what number Kevin Love fancies with Nate Thurmond’s No. 42 retired, right? Right?!

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(Photo: LeBron James’s Instagram account (kingjames))

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    Kevin Love will go to Cleveland, it’s just that they have to wait another 20 odd days until Andrew Wiggins is allowed to be traded. Kyrie + LeBron + Love = championship. Up the Cavs 🙂