Josh Gordon’s hearing is set for August 1

Good things guiness

“Good things come to those who wait,” is a famous phrase, but in the case of Josh Gordon we’ll have to see if it’s true. Chris Wesseling of NFL Network is reporting that Gordon’s appeals hearing to determine whether and how long he’ll be suspended is August 1 in New York. At this stage of the game, I bet Gordon wishes it had happened a long time ago.

The timeline begins the day after the draft. While Browns fans were in the afterglow of a draft that saw them get one of the best corners in the draft and also one of the most decorated quarterbacks coming into the league, we were smacked by Josh Gordon news that he might have failed another drug test.

Hey, anyone know when Josh Gordon’s appeal is?

Then, over Memorial Day weekend, Josh Gordon was pulled over for speeding. No big deal, right? Most of us could get caught doing 74 in a 60 MPH zone. Oh, but one of his passengers was cited for possession of marijuana. That doesn’t look good during an appeals hearing. At minimum, it probably requires a discussion, right?

Hey, anyone know when Josh Gordon’s appeal is?

Not until after the July 4th weekend when Gordon was pulled over and arrested for DWI in North Carolina. As it turns out, Gordon’s reported BAC was 0.09 and the legal limit is 0.08. “Close” obviously isn’t good enough, but if this was an isolated incident for a guy, you might chalk it up as a one-time mistake.

But this is Josh Gordon and now we know his appeal is scheduled for August 1st. It’s scheduled after he was pulled over for speeding and one of his passengers had pot and also after getting popped for DWI while also coming off a season in which he was suspended while also trying to overcome a checkered past involving drugs throughout a shortened college career.

I’m out of breath and I wonder if Roger Goodell’s run out of patience. We’ll see on August 1st.

I think it’s safe to say that Guiness lied in their advertising, at least in the case of Josh Gordon and Browns fans.

  • bossman09

    August 1st? Something is going on that we don’t know about. Every other off season incident has already had their appeal and ruling. Something odd has to be happening to delay this so long.

  • Adam

    He should just point out the recent joke of a suspension of Ray Rice to get his suspension lowered.
    The NFL is going to catch some serious flack for that 2 game suspension. Sends a pretty F’d up message.

  • CB Everett

    Just great. That gives him another week to do something ridiculously stupid. I’m predicting on July 26 he gets pulled over for for surfing on a van roof ala Teen Wolf…with a 6 foot bong in one hand and a 2 lb bag of weed in the other. It’s plausible with this cat.

  • RGB

    He’ll be in training camp the entire time.
    Hopefully that will keep him occupied enough to keep him from doing anything overtly stupid.

  • Natedawg86

    Not that it matters too much, but will he be suspended for Aug 2 2014-Aug 1 2015 or just Aug 2-end of next season?

  • Eric G

    You raise an interesting point. If we want to go all “conspiracy theory”, we could say they brought up the suspension ~draft time and figured, “Eh, he’ll F up again soon. Let’s just put off the hearing until we have more ammo.”

    Roger Goodell doesn’t care about black people.


  • Hopwin

    Justin Blackmon just got arrested for possession of marijuana too, with this trending I am expecting Goodell to drop the hammer.

  • Hopwin

    I believe it is an indefinite suspension at this point.

  • humboldt

    Can we just keep filibustering this thing til next February?

  • mgbode

    I just hope Josh Gordon figures out his life. Anything he gives the Browns from this point moving forward is just a bonus. To be someone who values drinking and smoking more than a potential $40mil+ is just an absurd thought to me.

    If he wants to have that as part of his life, then that is on him, but man it has serious consequences in this case. Baylor, Utah, and continually in the NFL, he has not been able to stay away from his demons. I truly hope he figures out how to get balance in his life.

  • 216in614

    Janay Palmer probably had it coming…That weed he smoked never did anything to nobody!

  • cmm13

    As long as he doesn’t punch his wife in the face we should be good…. cause that would add TWO MORE GAMES TO HIS SUSPENSION.

  • RGB


  • saggy

    so Ray Rice beats his wife unconscious and gets a 2-game suspension while Josh Gordon is facing a year because he smoked pot. Yep, that makes sense.

  • cmm13

    Also, cause this was too good to pass up.



  • cmm13

    Ray’s wife said she was sorry… I haven’t heard a peep out of that pot yet.

  • JNeids

    I upticked, then un-upticked, just so I could uptick twice.

  • nj0

    While I get that the rules are the rules and all that… I think it’s worth pointing out that from what we’ve seen of Gordon on-field: he HAS his life figured out. The guy can drink and smoke and STILL be a ridiculous dominant player in the greatest league on Earth. His only problem is abiding by the arbitrary, puritanical rules established by the League.

    Yes, that says something about his maturity. But still… it just sort of annoys me that we act like he’s got some fatal flaw when he is doing what a lot of people do – enjoy themselves away from the job while totally crushing it when he’s at the office. He just happens to work at a company who (for PR reasons) feel the need to meticulously scrutinize select sections of employees life.

    That’s not to totally excuse him, mind you. This whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • JNeids

    I hope there are tons of signs throughout CBS when the Ratbirds come to town saying something like “Things I learned from the NFL: Abuse > Weed”

  • BenRM

    ITT: Ray Rice gets 2 games for uppercutting a woman and Josh Gordon is kicked out of the NFL for smoking weed.

  • JNeids

    actually, maybe that should say “Abuse < Weed"…ok that's too confusing. how about "Hey Josh, next time instead of getting high, just smack around your GF"

  • architrance

    Breaking the law, breaking the law

    Breaking the law, breaking the law

    Breaking the law, breaking the law

    Breaking the law, breaking the law

    Breaking the law

  • saggy

    how much smarter than all of us is Drew Rosenhaus?

    Helloooooooo, Commenters. Precedent has now been set. 2 games for an egregious domestic violence dispute – with video evidence. How can the NFL now come down on Gordon to the tune of “indefinite suspension” with the “Rice Card” already played?? They can’t.

    Rosenhaus, you genius, you.

  • BenRM

    People will make the “the year-long suspension for weed is in the rules, egregious DV” isn’t argument.

    But I don’t think you can sell argument that to anyone with brain cells, let alone to a 24-hour, embrace debate news cycle.

  • humboldt
  • eldaveablo

    Indefinite, and he can apply to be reinstated after a year. So, the delay sucks.

  • eldaveablo

    Written rules/policies exist to remove the “need” for brain cells.

  • mgbode

    he HAS his life figured out

    his off field addictions is going to cause him to possibly never get to utilize that ridiculous talent. whatever your feelings are on the substance and it’s legality, his absolute refusal to comply to the NFL rules or his inability to shake the addiction is costing him his way of earning a living.

  • nerissapartington

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  • please

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