Dan Gilbert talks about making peace with LeBron


The one rumor that scared all Cleveland fans to death this morning was that LeBron wasn’t over Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter. Chris Broussard and ESPN were talking about it and it felt so very real and scary that everything could still be hanging in the balance. As it turned out, that problem had already been squashed. Thanks to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, we now know how that went down.

“We had five great years together and one terrible night,” Gilbert told James, and so started the process of reconciliation on Sunday night in Miami. “I told him how sorry I was, expressed regret for how that night went and how I let all the emotion and passion for situation carry me away. I told him I wish had never done it, that I wish I could take it back.”

He goes on to say that LeBron wished he could have taken back “The Decision” as well.

It’s a new day for a couple of guys who never seemed overly comfortable wearing the black hat. LeBron, especially, seemed very uncomfortable in his first year away from Cleveland being public enemy number one around the league.

That’s one thing that really emerges from today. LeBron James made amends for his mistakes. Dan Gilbert apparently has too. Even if the Miami faithful are upset today, which is totally understandable, I’m sure in time they’ll grow to appreciate the two rings that LeBron James helped enable them to celebrate over his four seasons.

It appears that will take a minute.

  • Leah Bowers Fassnacht

    “Even if the Miami faithful are upset today..” those people exist?

  • Steve

    “I don’t regret sending a letter out to our fan base”

    ” I told him I wish had never done it”

    Gilbert can’t even keep his story straight for a few months.

  • dimoko

    Joe Lull is owed an apology.

  • BenRM

    But what about the important master-slave discussion? Now how am I supposed to monger hate if Gilbert is no longer a villain?

  • BenRM


  • Scott C. Young

    those are two completely different statements and if you can’t see that you’re just silly. the first statement obviously says he doesn’t regret firing up his fanbase with “a” letter. the second statement is one of regret for “the” letter he sent.

  • RGB

    Don’t worry…Frowns is no doubt crafting a Gilbert really IS satan article.

  • Steve

    The only one who is silly is the person who thinks that the subprime mortgage dealer and casino owner won’t say whatever he has to to get his grubby hands on hard-earned Cleveland dollars.

  • eldaveablo

    I don’t know, the annoying troll who spends his day posting comments like this is pretty silly.

  • eldaveablo

    I’m sure both of them are upset and doing their best to be brave.

  • Steve

    What about the guy who makes it personal in the comments section because he reads something he doesn’t like? How meta can we take this?

  • eldaveablo

    Hmmm, not sure. Can you measure meta?

  • Steve

    Satan – not quite, just really scummy.

    Certainly has some Faustian deal though.

  • Harv 21

    One concern many of us had yesterday: how could he be coming back if he had never hashed it out with Gilbert?

    We CLE sports nuts have endured three consecutive Silly Seasons in barely over two months: NFL Draft, NBA Draft. LeBron FA frenzy. It actually gets exhausting to try to reason your way through the b.s. planted everywhere.

    These off-seasons are too much. I’m ready to watch some actual games. Let’s start getting stoked. Imagine if a year ago we’d have been told that next year Johnny Manziel and LeBron James would be playing here. Let’s. Get. Stoked.

  • I don’t know Harv, our record in the silly season seems to be much better when compared to the regular season.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Just like the one clip of someone burning his jersey 4 years ago now Miami has their black cloud with someone defacing that mural!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Why, why engage?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You upticked the fool?

  • CB Everett

    Yeah dude, don’t engage for your own good. As crazy as it is, there are some people who will sit around the Christmas Tree complaining about all the wrapping paper to clean up. Don’t feed the killjoy trolls

  • eldaveablo

    Yeah, my bad. I was feeling plucky after my lunch break.

  • Steve

    Where’s the complaint? I’m not complaining about anything, just showing that Gilbert talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    Last I checked, there was nothing wrong with that. It’s just the personal attacks that will not be tolerated. Unless of course, a site writer upticks the attack.

  • saggy

    he has brought a heck of a lot of money and jobs to Cleveland. Carnegie and Vanderbilt had some pretty darn grubby hands, too. Good with the bad in that regard.

  • saggy

    the jersey burning stuff was just dumb, regardless of where you stand. Burn a flag to protest the war but don’t waste your time burning a jersey. dumb.

    also – did you see how they defaced that mural in Miami? The best part of the whole story is that it took TWO YEARS to make that mural. That’s the same amount of time it took to build Jacobs Field. They must have used union workers.

    Miami. HAHA.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Make no mistake I was in no way telling you what to do it’s just pointless.

  • RGB


  • Steve

    He’s pulled a heck of a lot of money out of the hands of Clevelanders. I’m not sure its better than the alternatives. And if his comparison is Carnegie, I think he’s going to come away a bit short of giving away $5B in philanthropic efforts.

  • simond

    so this happened on Sunday???

    then Gilbert really was on that plane

  • The_Real_Shamrock