Cavs only team engaged in Love trade talks?

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Since the return of LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been talking to the Minnesota Timberwolves about Kevin Love. The Cavs have been in discussion to land Kevin Love to pair with James and Kyrie Irving. Over the past several weeks, there have been talk of the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors engaging in the trade talk for Kevin Love. But, ESPN is reporting that the Cavs are now the only team talking trade with Minnesota. The report says it is a matter of when the trade will happen rather than if. The package would be centered around the 2014 number one pick Andrew Wiggins. The Wolves are said to be interested in Wiggins the most among all other players the three teams could offer. That includes Klay Thompson who the Warriors have still not offered the Timberwolves.

The trade can not be made until 30 days after the date Andrew Wiggins signed his rookie contract, which happened last Thursday, July 24. This time table could give other teams time to sweeten their deal for Kevin Love. But even with this delay, Minnesota seems to be centered on getting Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins appeals to them not just because of his huge upside, but also his friendly rookie deal. They can control him for longer and at a much cheaper price then they could with Klay Thompson. The report says the framework seems to be Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a first round pick. But, the question still remains about what the Cavs will send along with this framework in the package for Kevin Love. ESPN states that this part of the deal is still evolving and could change from now until the 30-day delay is over. The trade could involve a third team and could also involve other players from the Timberwolves including J.J. Barea. The trade discussions are still ongoing, but it seems more likely then ever that the Cavs will end up getting Kevin Love.

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  • Bob Fusky

    Not a big fan of this deal. I think the Cavs are better off overall with Wiggins: http://straighthoops.com/whats_love_got_to_do_with_it.html

  • Steve

    Right, that’s the huge asterisk. But, if he’s so Carmelo-to-NY to play next to Lebron, why hasn’t he just stated it publicly to slam dunk the Cavs trade leverage, or stated his confirmation that he will extend here, and not just his openness to it?

    I’m trying to follow the logic as best as possible through this nebulous matter, and I keep coming back to the only way that this could be a “when not if” is if Wiggins is on the table.

  • Pat Leonard

    Good point, and I agree I am going to be shocked if Wiggins isn’t included in the trade. It seems like he was the trump card, and the Cavs played him early.

  • RGB

    [Sarcasm Font] Blasphemy! Wiggins must be surrendered NOW! Along with everyone else Minnesota demands! No questions asked! The ESPN Gods must be appeased at all costs! [/Sarcasm Font]

  • Steve

    I don’t see what the realistic alternative was for the Cavs. An offer of Dion, Bennett and a pick was always going to leave the Wolves looking for more, and like you said, the Cavs were the ones looking to get the deal done sooner rather than later.

  • Pat Leonard

    Here’s what I don’t get… if you’re Kevin Love and you want to go to a new team, don’t you want that new team to be as powerful as possible? Even if you don’t have a preference, it makes sense to come out and say that you will only re-sign with one particular team to help them keep their best players. It makes even more sense if you are unhappy with your current organization, as Kevin Love is. It’s about time Kevin Love “went Carmelo” on the Wolves.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I floated this possibility last week that Love let Minny know the only team he’d sign an xtension with was Cleveland.

  • architrance

    Maybe KLove just isn’t a dick. Shocking in the modern day NBA. Imagine – treating the team your contracted to play for with a little respect – stunning!

  • architrance

    Amico still reporting that “Wiggins is not a certainty” and that several options remain in play between the Cavs & Wolves.

  • Pat Leonard

    Meh. That’s business. If my company could get rid of me and hire someone with my same skills and experience for half of my salary, they’d do it in a heartbeat. 10 years with the company be damned.

  • Pat Leonard

    And for the record, that respect would only run in one direction. The Timberwolves are currently trying their hardest to unload JJ Barea and Kevin Martin’s contracts. The only reason they’re showing “respect” to Kevin Love is because he’s an All-Star. If he were a league-average player, the Wolves wouldn’t hesitate to throw him in a package to get Andrew Wiggins. If the Wolves can treat their players like trash in order to make their team better, then why can’t a player treat the Wolves like trash in order to help their own career? I don’t see how that makes the player a dick.

  • mgbode

    because we root for the jersey more than the player. thus, we are more willing to rationalize team behavior than player behavior.

  • architrance

    I get it. I just get so annoyed when a player demands a trade to a specific team, when he still has plenty of time left on his contract and ends up screwing that franchise. By announcing that he doesn’t want to stay but not necessarily demanding a specific trade, he allows his team some flexibility and the choice between keeping him and dealing him to get something in return. He’s not totally burning any bridges, at least yet. But for the Cavs, hell yeah – demanding a trade here would help us 🙂 – turns a blind eye…

  • Pat Leonard

    Yeah it’s certainly an easier argument for me to make as a fan of the team who is receiving the services of the star player. If I were a Nuggets fan, I probably would have been frustrated by Carmelo Anthony’s ploy with the Knicks, but I think ultimately that’s a me problem and a problem for the NBA to make small(er) market teams more attractive.

  • architrance

    I’ve gotta say, since the NBA can’t really make small market teams more attractive, the new “Lebron model” of ditching the big market for a more well rounded young team w/roster flexibility could be attractive, regardless of market size. I mean it’s already spurred the Durant to those DC Bullets talk.