Brian Hoyer won’t be held back in training camp

In the talk about Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer, the one thing that has been talked about the least is Brian Hoyer’s ACL injury. With all the excitement that Johnny Football brings and with there not being any news of “setbacks” for Brian Hoyer – at least so far – it’s easy to sometimes forget that he needed a major surgery last year after being injured in Buffalo. The injury non-story will continue to be just that, it seems according to head coach Mike Pettine.

That’s great to hear of course. Whether Johnny Manziel beats out Brian Hoyer or not, it’s in everyone’s best interests if he’s forced to beat out a healthy, ready-to-compete version of Hoyer. Then again, if quotes are any indication, Brian Hoyer is always ready to compete. On Friday, Hoyer talked a bit about his confidence and what this competition will be like for him.

“I am confident that I am that guy, but in the same sense, I know that if it comes down to the fact that Johnny does beat me out, I will have given everything I have and he will have totally earned it,” Hoyer said. “That’s what you want, and like I said, for me, all you want is and opportunity and a chance to earn the job. That’s what I’ve been given, and for me, it’s about going out every day and proving that I can be that guy because I believe that I am.”

The fact that he believes he can be that guy should be bolstered by the fact that he won’t be held back due to his surgery last year.

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