Anthony Bennett can breathe now

Anthony Bennett Box Out

Even as I used the word “bust” in talking about Anthony Bennett during his rookie year, I can be reasonable. I’m not a “no excuses” guy. Sometimes injuries and health are legitimate reasons why a player struggles. Bennett was coming off of a shoulder surgery while also battling asthma and sleep apnea. During the offseason, he had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. The resulting Bennett in summer league was much thinner, faster, and more athletic because his breathing was better.

“It acted up at times,” Bennett said. “There’d be times I was playing good, I wouldn’t really notice it. And then there’d be other times where it was real hard to breathe. But I just tried to push through it and do the best I can.”

What remains to be seen is if the Cavaliers will be the beneficiaries of the new and improved Bennett. Bennett’s name frequently comes up with Andrew Wiggins as a possible piece in a Kevin Love deal.

Because of the mitigating factors surrounding Anthony Bennett’s rookie year, it feels like the Cavaliers might be selling low if they trade Bennett before we get a chance to see him play this year. I guess Kevin Love is worth it, but for the first time since he’s been a Cavalier, Anthony Bennett makes me wonder at least just a little bit.

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  • RGB

    As abysmal as this guys was, I was a fan.
    I always checked the box scores, looking for a another point, or a couple of more rebounds from him.
    I really think recovering from his surgeries, less pizza, and playing next to LBJ will help him a lot.
    C’mon Mr. Bennett, we’re all in your corner.

  • mgbode

    if he does go to Minnesota, then can they give him #7 so that fans there will just think Derrick Williams never left?

    (seriously, I liked his UNLV game and it seemed like he was getting back to that in summer league. he still looks like he’ll be an inconsistent and inefficient scorer with issues on defense, but the kid has definite skills)

  • whosevelt

    I think he has the ability but after watching all the summer league games, I think he still doesn’t have the intensity.

  • Backwoods

    I didn’t see the skills then, and still don’t see them now. He looks lost on offense, completely confused on defense, with a well taught jumper that he has no natural feel for. But, he is 6’8″ so he’s able to dunk with two hands so everyone talks about the possibilities!

    Someone needs to have him put the 30 lbs back on, force him down to the post and make him watch videos of Shawn Kemp’s Cleveland days, because just like I said pre-draft, that is Bennett’s ceiling.

  • Backwoods

    Did no one see the airballs? Or the ridiculously bad misses on those little turn arounds down near the block? The absolute lack of feel on the Noel block? And if that game didn’t hurt to watch… Seeing that Noel will turn into a solid defensive big man with the possibility of being an Alonzo mourning type defensive presence and maybe a Tyson Chandler offensive game. But yet, we got Bennett. SMH.

  • cmm13

    “he had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.”

    … I thought he looked slimmer.

  • cmm13

    Yep, sure did…. BUT THAT ONE DUNK HE DID THO’.

  • mgbode

    I said:
    inefficient scorer with issues on defense

    it’s not like I was glowing in my assessment of him


    I couldn’t disagree more. Still learning defense obviously, how many 20 year olds in the league excel at defense?

  • mgbode

    the lesson, as always, Avoid the (ade)Noid!


  • mgbode

    hey, I don’t think anyone here had Bennett above Noel. but, if we do keep him (50% at this point), then we have to figure out how to use him best.

    I disagree that he should be on the block. He seems to do his best on the move (he should never-ever catch-n-shoot as he’s terrible at it), so I want him moving in transition and setting picks & rolling.

    I’m not going to worry where his ceiling is at this point, I just want him to contribute.

  • How old ARE you? 🙂

  • Backwoods

    I do as well, but he came up in conversation last night. I was talking to my neighbor and he has a bulldog and I can hear that think breathing from across the room. I thought I heard him call it Bennett and I started laughing. Yes, bad, I know, but the correlation to this article had me laughing. And then sadness. Then anger thinking about Noel backing up Andy this season. Hence the quick rants about him.

    And now back to hoping that he becomes serviceable…

  • Backwoods

    Not looking for excelling, just nba capability. He looked overwhelmed at times in a summer league filled with mostly players who will never be valuable pieces off an NBA bench. Arguably worse competition than you would see in a regular season Big east game (lack of cohesion and coaching considered).

    I was hoping for moments of dominance. String together 3 minutes where he was objectively the best player on the floor for those 3 minutes and I didn’t ever see it. Don’t get me wrong, even though I am putting him down, I am hoping for the best!

    I cheered for him last season at the games and looked for all the positive moments I could find. There were glimpses, but, I remember those glimpses with Diop as well. So…

  • saggy

    I delivered Dominos in college. hah!

  • Garry_Owen

    Watch it!

  • mgbode

    Old enough where it hurt a little bit when Jacob said he was class of ’12 from Dayton this morning 🙂

  • RGB
  • LaundroMat

    Kinda like when Jhonny Peralta could see after Lasik.