Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Love, Snowpiercer, and Sunday Ticket… While We’re Waiting

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The last time I wrote a WWW it was the night before LeBron made his decision at noon. It became completely dated by lunch time. Wonder what I can write about this week to make it dated again…


We’ve officially exhausted the Wiggins for Love trade debate, but it rages on. I’m always looking for agreement across the board between we fans. We’re supposed to be on the same team, so I figured I would just attempt to summarize our position.

1. It would be much more preferable to keep Andrew Wiggins while also acquiring Kevin Love. That way the Cavaliers would have Kyrie Irving on a max deal, Kevin Love on some kind of max deal, LeBron on a year-to-year max deal and a rookie contract under control for five years with Wiggins. That’s the goal. Everything else can be traded.

2. If you need (like really need) to trade Wiggins for Kevin Love, then you do it because you have the best player on the planet and you wouldn’t want to waste any years waiting for players around him. It would be so very Cleveland to wait and then have LeBron start to fade as a player by the time some lesser players are ready.

3. But really if you can do it without trading Wiggins… (go back to #1.)

So that’s our position. Got it? Cool. See how easy that was?

But how about this chase-down?


And seriously let’s just forget about Andrew Wiggins. He’s got an unfair advantage because he’s tall. I’d much rather watch highlights of a 5’7″ Japanese player named Yuki Togashi playing for Dallas and bombing threes.

I could do without bad jokes about “toga parties” but that’s alright.


Big news for you out of towners and cord cutters. NFL Sunday Ticket might soon be available to you without a DirecTV subscription.

This changes the whole world for me. I really do like DirecTV and my service, but it’s undeniably expensive compared to bundling cable TV and Internet. Sports is the last hurdle to jump over in order to really stop paying for the hundreds of channels that I really never watch. I’m thinking really really hard about this now.

Sunday Ticket

Last but not least, I recommend everyone rent Snowpiercer. I really liked the movie starring Captain America. It’s available in theaters and on demand in your house. It has a similar tone to Pacific Rim, has some really amazing action sequences and is actually pretty suspenseful and fun. It’s a little weird, I’m not going to lie, but I really liked it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’ve had TWC actually it was Adelphia and have been lucky, knock on wood. My poor grandmother had TWC, Dish and Direct TV and had nothing but problems.

    Ironically my house/land line is down when u look for customer service info. it should say, “landline, who has that anymore?”

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    So is TWC just how it goes.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Well clearly your just wrong comparing Love to Casspi

  • Laura

    Blackout rules are the devil.

  • saggy

    can’t agree on Snowpiercer. For one thing: When Tilda says “I know the train,” it’s the dumbest thing ever. It’s a train. What’s there to know? there’s one way to the front and one way to the back. And how do those guys get to the back without the rebellion knowing? they can’t go outside or they’ll die (or can they??). Too many plot holes and too many non-sequiturs. And ZERO character development.

  • saggy

    the +30 button on the Direct TV remote is the best thing. After every play you could potentially just hit it, and the guys are back to the line of scrimmage.

    Personally, I start almost all games 45 minutes late and FF the commercials. I thought everyone did that, no?

  • saggy

    have you read “Watch You Bleed”? excellent bio on the band.

  • saggy

    that’s a brutal question. I think Civil War or Estranged for me.

    But how can you NOT say “Sweet Child O’ Mine”?

  • saggy

    Thanos. My favorite. Adam Warlock had better make an appearance one of these days because he is freaking awesome.

    Are they just going to have to make Infinity Gauntlet/War eventually?

  • mgbode

    they could have 10 intersecting movies in such a plotline and I would go and see all of them.

  • RGB

    Thanks for making me feel old. lol

  • The_Real_Shamrock