Cavs will offer Kyrie Irving max deal per report


Pushing aside all national (read: New York-based) rumors and innuendo, Cleveland’s own Terry Pluto reports that the Cavaliers will, in fact, offer Kyrie Irving a maximum contract extension once the league-mandated July 1 window opens.

My sources tell me that the Cavs have had no doubts about offering Irving the 5-year deal, and will do so. Once July 1 arrives — the first date that an extension can be offered — the Cavs will set up a meeting with Irving. They will present their All-Star guard with a contract extension, a 5-year deal in the $90 million range (or whatever is the maximum number).

The hope is that he will sign the five-year deal, much like John Wall did with Washington before the 2013-14 season. That was a signal to Washington’s players and fans that he was committed to the team. And yes, Wall’s commitment did help the Wizards come together as a team and make the playoffs, upsetting Chicago in the first round.

There had been plenty of national types reporting that the Cavaliers did not view the two-time All-Star as a maximum-type player—this view was bizarrely supported by some local reporters who backpedaled from their original stance. Pluto states that the Cavs’ goal is to have a new coach in place. Once this is finalized, General Manager David Griffin, the coach and the 22-year-old Irving discuss the future. If Irving doesn’t seem interested in an extension, however, that could lead to a trade though he is under contact until 2016.

Pluto speculates that the head coach will be one of the three veteran names—Lionel Hollins, Alvin Gentry or Vinnie Del Negro. The team is likely to have a coach in place by this month’s NBA Draft.

(Photo: Scott Sargent/WFNY)

  • mgbode

    No surprise on the max extension really. But, big surprise if those are the 3 leading candidates.

    Just Say No to Del Negro!
    No Entry for Gentry!

    I guess I can fall-in for Hollins.

  • Harv 21

    If Pluto is right, Cavs’ strategy seems consistent with what Gilbert has said about never again letting one player hold the org hostage. They’ll show him the coach, show him the new talent from the draft and any draft day trades and say: are you in or out?

    In light of the recently failed rebuild, the Griffin must promptly pick his path and create the stability necessary to make it work. He cannot leave the org’s fate (and his own career) hanging on the whim of a not so mature 22 year old. There’s more Kyrie-level talent in this draft, and good talent that Kyrie would fetch if he starts playing the “explore all options” game. LeBron left 4 full years ago, and comic sans won’t fill the Q forever. Time to get on with it.

  • Jason Hurley

    This is the move you have to make. If he’s serious about staying, he’ll sign. If he’s not serious, they’ll call his bluff and trade him.