Cavs receiving calls about Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

This can be filed under “due diligence,” but the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly receiving calls regarding a potential trade for All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. FOX Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico reports that the Cavs, with news that they may not be offering the reigning All-Star MVP a maximum contract, are on the receiving end of some stone-turning GMs who would likely pounce at the chance of adding one of the game’s best 22-year olds to their roster.

The Houston Rockets are believed to be one team looking at Irving.

In April, The Morning Journals’ Bob Finnan wrote that the team was expected to offer Irving a five-year deal worth $80 million. This weekend, however, he’s backpedaled a bit, stating that one should not assume that a max contract is in the works, citing the ever-elusive “scuttlebutt.”

These sort of stories are bound to rear their heads as we progress toward the July free agency period. Given that the team has nary a head coach and has the No. 1 pick in the impending NBA Draft, it’s pretty safe to assume that the priorities will align with the timeline.

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

  • mgbode

    Ummm, yeah, teams should call and ask about Irving, doesn’t mean anything. This is one reason that I would either be a great or terrible GM. Upon reading such things, I would call up Sam Presti and ask what it would take to get Durant, then leak the information that there are teams calling Presti about Durant!

  • Jared Mueller

    Besides LBJ and Durant, what would the Cavs trade KI for?

  • mgbode

    it’s not happening

  • Harv 21

    Safe to say that the Indians have also received inquiries about Francisco Lindor. It’s what GMs do. Holla when there’s a reliable report that the Cavs are looking to move him.

  • Frank Mayse

    #sources – water is wet. more updates as this develops.

  • notsayingjustsayin

    Honestly, I’d trade him if we were guaranteed to be able to pick Marcus Smart with the pick we received, along with either another young player or a future unprotected. Smart will be a bulldog on offense and having him would allow Dion to be the main ball handler.

  • mgbode

    as much as I love the play of Marcus Smart and can defend some of his regression this year, I cannot defend losing it to the extent he did. if we are trading Kyrie, then you are going to rely on trusting this guy with the direction of our team?


  • sgtkickarse

    I would deal him for the number two or three pick. If I could go into next season with of the Embid/Parker/Wiggins trio, I would do anything I could to do so. It’s time to start over. Too early to bail on Bennett, but Tristan and Kyrie can pound salt. Get what you can for them.

  • I don’t know if we could possibly undervalue a two-time All-Star (and top-25 player in the league at AGE 22) any more than this.

  • Kardiac Kid

    You are not implying that Kyrie is the 3rd most valuable player in the league, are you?

  • dwhit110

    Philly for MCW, Noel, and the #3 pick.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    And if you could get Michael Carter-Williams and #3 (and perhaps #10)?

  • mgbode

    really, we are going to go with MCW again?


  • Ezzie Goldish

    What can I say, you weren’t convincing enough. 🙂

  • cmm13

    Not only can I defend what he did, I applaud it.

    No silly game, booster status, or anything otherwise gives that despicable over privileged old white guy the excuse to remark what he did and not expect retaliation, whether it be physical or not.

    at least the kid has guts to stand up against what is not right.

  • mgbode

    Jeff Orr is an idiot. But, I do not see how that excuses Marcus Smart. Players should never be engaging with fans, but to be doing so with 6.2 seconds in a 1 possession game and ultimately costing your team any chance at a win?

    The guy called him a piece of dung (the more colorful word for it). I do not see how saying such excuses one to invoke physical violence. I have no sympathy for Mr. Orr, but I have serious reservations about investing a high draft pick and millions of dollars into someone with as questionable decision-making as Marcus Smart displayed that game.

  • sgtkickarse

    What has he done besides lose a ton, get hurt a lot, play no defense, have horrible body language on the court that makes it look like he is quitting and doesn’t care, got two coaches fired, and the team played better team basketball this year when he was hurt!

  • Jared Mueller

    Not specifically Sean but interested who people would be interested in for KI based on talent, contract and fit.

  • Jared Mueller

    I don’t think they will move all 3 of their building blocks for 1.

  • dwhit110

    Me either. But the price is the price.

  • Earl Malmsteen

    Philly wouldn’t do this ever. Cleveland would do this in half a heartbeat. I don’t think Philly would accept Kyrie straight up for #3 pick (likely Jabari) given the differences in salary and restrictions at the end of each respective contract.

  • cmm13

    I can see your reservation in trusting this young man from a business aspect. The confrontation in a pure basketball game vacuum was outrageous given the circumstances of the game.

    Outside that vacuum looking at the individual who stood up for his rights as a human being I see more. I see a person who is willing to fight back against someone doing wrong. Purchasing a ticket to a sporting event gives you absolutely no right to treat the players in any way different than you would had Marcus Smart tripped in front of Jeff Orr while walking down the street.

    We have complained for years about this teams lack of mental and physical toughness, Fi think finding players who know how to control that edge are what is needed.

    Now, many will see Marcus’s physical response to Jeff Orr as a lack of control of that edge. I see someone who has that edge and needs coaching and age to help learn to control it.

  • mgbode

    yes, it is the determination of what side of that line he falls on that I worry. it was absolutely a loss of control of his edge in that moment (consider the riots that are caused from such scenarios in soccer and the Palace Brawl).

    if we are gambling a pick in the mid to late 1st round, then I wouldn’t worry about it so much. he either becomes our Lance Stephenson character or he’s another bust from that area of the draft.

    however, the poster above was indicating that he would trade Kyrie Irving for Smart + a future unprotected pick (or another young asset). that is basically saying that Smart is worth just a small amount less than Kyrie and that is an absolutely huge and risky gamble for someone that you cannot fully trust from an emotional standpoint (before we even get to skills).

  • cmm13

    and that is where we come to agreement; i’m not trading Kyrie for a chance to draft Marcus Smart either.

    that’s just, well….. crazy talk.

  • Phil

    I bet Indy would move Hibbert after his poor post-season performance. Hibbert and a 1st rounder for Andy and Kyrie. Let Dion play the point and draft Parker.