Animated: Lonnie Chisenhall’s backhand is way strong

Lonnie Chisenhall Backhand 140621

In the fourth inning of Saturday night’s loss to the Detroit Tigers, Lonnie Baseball helped Trevor Bauer out with this solid backhand and throw to get fellow third baseman Nick Castellanos out by a half-step. The announcers went on to discuss how Chisenhall has spent time working on back-handed plays down the line. It appears as if the work has paid off, at least in this instance.

  • Harv 21

    so we’re saying that after years as an third baseman Lonnie can take two steps to his left, grab a knee-high backhand and throw the guy out.

    Damn the guy with faint praise, why dontcha. Carlos can kinda do that too but he just started in January.