Listen: Tom Hamilton’s call of Nick Swisher’s Walk-off Grand Slam


He may be channeling Mendoza from a success rate, but Indians first baseman Nick Swisher sure has a knack for heroics. The latest comes via the walk-off, extra-inning grand slam that takes down the Los Angeles Angels in extra innings, 5-3. Check out legendary Tribe play-by-play man Tom Hamilton’s call of the game-winning blast.

There are few things better than when Hammy lets the roar take over. One of the best in the biz. Huge win for the Tribe.

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

  • chompchomp

    Thanks so much for posting this. Hammy is the best. Hands down.

  • 65Fender .

    I saw on the news that Swisher won the game with a ‘slam. First thing I did was a search for Tom Hamilton’s call. No one better.

  • HeySwanSong

    I was craving Hammy’s call as soon as I heard about this, thanks for posting!

  • Eric G

    Come on. NO ONE better? What about Matt Underwood? That homerun call of his is so great, “He’s outta room, it’s outta here!” Classic!!

    I actually listened to the Underwood call a couple times and I just don’t get why he did it. His voice got gritty with excitement, he let the crowd talk as Swish rounded the bases, but he HAD to ruin it with that garbage tagline. Without those 6 words, it’s probably his best HR call I’ve heard.

    I would think the point of his call, in the dramatic sense, would be: you have a feeling the ball might go out (but as a seasoned broadcaster you have a better idea of which ones have the best chance, so you save it for those times), you get the “He’s outta room” out just before the ball goes out and the “it’s outta here” just as the crowd erupts. Not start the “He’s outta room” after the ball has trickled back onto the field (in this case).

    So, yes, is the answer to my original question. Though Vin’s no-hitter call for Kershaw was solid, too.

  • pigeonholepundit

    is there going to be a recap on this game?