Ben Tate is the best


If any outlets are considering running a Best Cleveland Athlete Twitter contest, Browns running back Ben Tate may have sealed his victory just months after becoming a part of the city. Not only did Tate immediately pander to/embrace Cleveland upon signing his contract, he recently used the medium to give away 44 tickets to Tuesday’s Cleveland Indians game wherein the free agent addition will be throwing out the first pitch.

Almost immediately, Tate started receiving submissions. Some were lucky winners while others, well…Take a look.

Tate also gave away a ticket for the best Vine in addition to a handful to the Cleveland Clinic for a few children to attend the game as well.

For what it’s worth, the dude with the “badass cat” made his tweets private following the Tate rejection. The picture, however, was golden.

  • Natedawg86

    Good dude. Can’t wait to see something on the field!

  • Dan105

    Is anyone else impressed that Ben Tate knows who Lee Suggs is?

  • RGB

    You watching this Mr. Manziel?

  • Hopwin

    Ben Tate: BRILLIANT!

  • mgbode

    well, he is throwing out the 1st pitch on Wednesday

  • mgbode

    that was the best part

  • RGB

    Surrounded by his “handlers”, no doubt.
    They wouldn’t want him to have an unpaid conversation with a fan, or anything…

  • mgbode

    Hey, it should be $10K per seat. It’s an opportunity to see his first professional throw for a Cleveland sports team! I’ll bet he’d even throw in a JFF camo T-Shirt for that price (unsigned of course, the signature is an extra $5K).

  • RGB

    I wonder if he is going to charge Gomes for catching a ball he touched?

  • Harv 21

    Fabulous. In an era where athletes no longer have to work off-season and live cheek by jowl with fans, this is the way to use social media in a positive way to break down the barriers.

    Almost instantly Ben Tate gets my benefit of doubt. Dude just gets it. Take note, local athletes.

  • nj0

    They’re both from Virginia. The younger Tate probably would have known about that pretty good running back at Virginia Tech.


    If a guy with a badass cat can’t get a free ticket to a Tribe game, WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN????!?

  • mgbode
  • 6thCity

    Dude shows appreciation for the opportunity to play in the NFL. That’s hard to fake, and good even when faked, since that at least shows awareness of what’s what. Can’t wait to see him in the preseason. Being a long-time D2 and D3 Ohio college football fan, I love small school guys.