Why didn’t the Vince Young news make even a small splash?


I was a little bit surprised that the Browns’ signing of Vince Young didn’t make even a slight splash in the Cleveland Browns news cycle. Even compared to when the Browns signed a recently-cut Brian Hoyer a year ago, I felt like this thing went totally under the radar. So, we discussed it.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

  • MrCleaveland

    I think he hasn’t made a splash because of the B word, something you never want attached to a QB you drafted very high in the first round, do we agree, Mr. Farmer?

  • Clint

    The signing is not a big deal. I don’t expect him to even make the team. He didn’t make the final cut in Green Bay or Buffalo and he was less than spectacular in Philly. He’s not seen as somebody who can play anymore. But I do love the signings (him and Thigpen) because it doesn’t hurt, and surely they’re better than most 3rd string QBs in the league. There are always free agents that are better than guys at the bottom of the roster, but teams value the unknown over anything.

    Also, I feel bad for Alex Tanney. Haha.

  • Harv 21

    Hmm .. because he hasn’t taken a regular season snap since like 2011 and teams who auditioned him since did not even think him worthy of being 3rd string shark chum in late-game blowouts?

  • RGB

    If signing Vince Young makes a splash, we have bigger problems than we thought.

  • I guess my point was that there was no reason for there to be much talk last year about Brian Hoyer and there was.

  • mgbode

    Answer: Scott Tolzien, Seneca Wallace, Matt Flynn

    Who are quarterbacks that the Green Bay Packers had on their roster last year after cutting Vince Young in the preseason?

  • RGB

    Hoyer’s local roots qualify him for more talk.
    That, and the fact Weeden was soooo baaaaad.

  • nj0

    Signing? Not much of a story. Playing well enough to make the team? Story.

  • Matt underwood

    Is this an honest question? What are you stupid?

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Kirk, Im 1000% onboard with you. We should take Manziel or Bortles, and then also draft a late 4th-5th round QB. I dont get why we would want to take on a proven scrub like Thigpen/Young instead of hoping to hit the late round jackpot with a rookie. Even if the rookie doesnt play, you potentially still have interesting trade bait a year or two from now a la Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallett.

  • dudee

    Vince Young is a 3rd pick, Heisman winning, w/natchamp to boot and has issues, Oh , and he is from Texas. Now what was the question ? Oh yeah, greatest psych-out ever.

  • architrance

    Umm, because this is the Browns and this move is destined to fail.

  • TobaccoRoad

    I’m a Clevelander and love the Hoyer story, but in Vince Young, we’re talking about a guy that has accomplished INFINITELY more in his NFL career than Brian Hoyer (as he should have). I’m saying, I know we love Hoyer, but let’s call a spade a spade. I’m not saying Young is going to be the starter, not by any stretch, but I think we as fans take Hoyer’s 2 wins as confirmation he’s the next Kosar. He still has very, very much that we all want to see; but he also still has very, very much to prove. We shall see…

  • V. C. Evans Sr.

    The Cleveland Browns have signed VINCE YOUNG”…..
    CLEVELAND, you may have just found some “Texas Tea” (Black Gold) in Vince Young…If you are willing to utilize his strengths, there is no telling how far the Browns can go…. Vince is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he know how to WIN games