Josh Tomlin is AAA pitcher of the week, will start for Tribe on Tuesday

TomlinYou’ve heard the phrase backhanded compliment? How about a backhanded award?

The International League (of which the Columbus Clippers are a part of) handed out it’s weekly player honors on Monday, and Josh Tomlin was named the pitcher of the week. For a 29 year old with 54 career big league starts, getting any type of minor league award probably doesn’t feel like much of an honor.

Tomlin won’t have long to stew about it however. He is slated to make a start in Cleveland on Tuesday against the Minnesota Twins.

Tomlin is 2-1 in five starts for the Clippers this season with a 2.06 ERA. The start last week that earned Tomlin the award was a complete game shutout in which he allowed just three hits and struck out 10. Oh, and he did that in just 89 pitches. Matt Underwood would be impressed.

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  • mgbode

    He’s no Trevor Bauer but at least he’s not Carrasco.

  • markn95

    The rotation cavalry picked us up last year, let’s hope for some kind of repeat. Based on his increased velo, Columbus performance, and DH start vs. SD, Bauer may be a close facsimile of Salazar v.2013. Tomlin would be the major league vet coming back from injury, but he doesn’t have anything close to Kazmir’s track record (then again, he wasn’t a Sugar Land Skeeter 2 years ago, either). And don’t sleep on T.J. House either, it’d be nice to toss a lefty out there every 5 days.
    Oh, and for the above scenario, Carrasco is definitely this years version of Brett Myers. Very disappointing.

  • CB Everett

    I don’t mean this as a slight against Tomlin, but I wonder why no Bauer, especially since he had already gotten a spot start before? I had heard that he’s been butting heads with coaches again (sorry no links to back this up/can’t remember where I saw it)–so I wonder if that’s it?

  • Steve

    Bauer just pitched Saturday, while Tomlin has pitched the same day as Carrasco each of their last two times out. I’d guess they expected to have Tomlin be the guy to replace Carrasco if/when necessary, but this just seems like a timing thing.