Homeless man told Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel

Our friend Vince over at Scene Magazine posted this in the Manziel aftermath, and it’s totally worth sharing here as well. Would the Browns have drafted Johnny Manziel if not for a homeless man grabbing the ear of Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam? Thank goodness we’ll never have to find out. Thank you mister unnamed homeless man. Thank you.

  • paulbip

    what bullshit

  • V. C. Evans Sr.

    Why did the Cleveland Browns bring in a veteran quarterback (Vince Young), let him tryout for the team, then sign him to a contract, and then cut him before he has a chance to compete, without any explanation…. That only hurt Vince Young and his ability to sign with another team….
    Why would a team do that to a VETERAN quarterback?????