Francona gives opinions of Kluber, Carlos Santana and Trevor Bauer on MLB Network Radio

Terry Francona

I didn’t hear Terry Francona talking to MLB Network Radio, but thanks to the modern world of Twitter, we know everything he said anyway. And for Tribe fans, he was giving some nuggets.

First up, on Trevor Bauer…

On Carlos Santana’s early season struggles…

And some encouraging words about Corey Kluber…

It’s nice to have Francona even as his team struggles early on this season. He continues to bring a level of calmness to the team, at least from this outsider perspective. His lack of panic is refreshing. Well, at least for now. His presence was calming and refreshing in Boston once upon a time too.

I don’t say that as some sort of pot shot at Francona, but merely as a generic statement of fact. I’m still firmly on board with the Tribe’s second-year manager.

  • Achilles

    Still on board as well. While I don’t want to see panic necessarily, it would be nice if he showed a little more sense of urgency. How much longer can you wait for Santana, Swisher and Asdrubel Cabrera to snap out of season-long slumps when you have viable alternatives such as Lonnie Chisenhall (raking right now), Jesus Aguilar, and Jose Ramirez/Francisco Lindor? No doubt it’s important to keep the faith right now, but at some point you have to cut bait.

  • Natedawg86

    5-2 so far in May. Keep it rolling, 3-1 vs Minn is a world better than 2-2.

  • Natedawg86

    You can’t cut bait on Santana, Swisher or Cabrera. Only one that I can see anything happening with is Cabrera and the chances of that are slim.