Watching Bartolo Colon in the batter’s box is America’s new favorite pastime

Bartolo Colon is still pitching in the Majors. This year, he’s pitching for the Mets in the National League and the Internet at-large is enjoying the heck out of his plate appearances. This one, in particular, is fun because the rotund former Tribe pitcher swings wildly and loses his helmet.

Feel that breeze!

  • Harv 21

    Never ever imagined that a guy like Bartolo who had trouble with his, uh, “conditioning” in his mid-20s would still be playing at age 41, or however old he really is.

    Maybe not just a tribute to his documented chemical additives. Maybe he has one of those athletic bodies well-hidden by a coat of protection, a la Kirby Puckett. Or maybe it’s the joie de vivre as he demonstrates in the batter’s box – yeah, that’s the ticket.