Pic: Check out a Pokemon-themed Cleveland Cavaliers logo

Cleveland Gravelers Pokemon Logo

I know nothing about Pokemon, but this Cavaliers logo actually looks kind of nice.

I embedded the whole gallery below so you can scroll through the rest.

  • JNeids

    As a former Pokemon master, I love this.
    P.S. The Chicago Tauros is closer to Spanish than “Los Bulls.” I still can’t believe the laziness there…can’t even call it a half-(_|_)’ed effort because it would be giving too much credit.

  • baclap

    This is awesome. Good find.

  • Kildawg

    Former?!?!? I still play, have been since Gen 1. Graphics and gameplay have improved much over the years. Can’t wait to be able to afford a 3DS (or 2) to play the Gen 6 games. Currently use emulator for the older ones.