Daniel “Booby” Gibson setting his sights on a return to the NBA

Daniel Gibson_LG

As the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves fighting for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, one of their long-time guards is working on getting back in to the NBA after watching the entire season unfold from the outside. In an interview with Baller Mind Frame Gibson discusses his most recent injury, his desire to take a year off and his plans to get back into the league he had called home since being selected in the second round of the 2006 NBA Draft.

BMF: How much does watching those kids play for your AAU team make you want to get back on the court?

Gibson: (laughs) Listen! I decided at the beginning of the year when I injured my foot again to take the year to get my mind right and see if this is still what I want to do. That’s what drives me. These kids look up to me like I’m their Michael Jordan. It inspires me to get back in the gym and get back out there.

Really, March Madness kind of put it over the top. I’ve been getting myself back in the right frame of mind to make a run at getting back in the league next season.

BMF: Do you think it will be a challenge getting back to the league?

Gibson: I definitely have to prove myself over again. These teams want to know why. Teams were contacting me at the deadline to see if I wanted to comeback for a 10-day contract. I was really hiding out. Nobody really knew what was going on with me. So I know I got to come back and prove myself. I know it will be difficult, but with the mind frame that I’m in, I know I can accomplish whatever it is I want to do.

To our knowledge, this is the first report of Gibson receiving calls regarding 10-day contracts. He’s been spending a lot of his time outside of the league working with kids in AAU formats, tweeting and uploading photos to Instagram, but there hasn’t been much in the way of his name being among the headlines.

Knowing what Booby is capable of, the fact that he’s received some interest from teams isn’t all too surprising. Between the personal problems and injuries that Gibson had dealt with during his tenure with the Cavaliers, he’s certainly one player Cleveland fans could rally behind if he were to make a comeback—especially if it’s another team making the financial commitment.

Photo: Scott Sargent / WFNY

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Makes sense for some teams to consider him – a serviceable experienced PG/3-point shooter to try out, then perhaps sign to a contract that can be used for draft moves, while having him available in a pinch during the playoffs?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    He must need the money!

  • mgbode

    Good for him and I hope that he finds a team willing to give him a final shot at the NBA.

    But, is it really spelled Booby? I have seen it Boobie over the years and have always used that spelling myself.

  • Robbie

    But, will he make his return WWF style again?

    ‘Lebron James, on the dribble, setting him up for a drive and… BYE GAWD BOOBIE GIBSON JUST HIT LEBRON JAMES WITH A STEEL CHAIR! STOP THIS, THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY!’

    (Anyone else remember that live discussion. God that was hilarious.)

  • Chris Terry

    I believe it was originally spelled Booby. But when he came to the NBA, everyone was spelling it Boobie so he just didn’t make a big deal about it.

  • mgbode

    if so, then I feel bad for improperly spelling it even if he didn’t really care.