Keith Olbermann proposes Indians rename the team the Cleveland Sockalexis

The coverage of the Cleveland Indians and their Wahoo logo continues both here on WFNY and nationally. Many people have suggested new names whether it’s going back in time to the Spiders or embracing the Feller logo and calling the team the Cleveland Fellers. Keith Olbermann really does have some interesting historical info in this piece and then he suggests the Cleveland Sockalexis. I prefer the Fellers, but the history part is still interesting.

[Also see: Andrew’s thoughts from this morning’s WWW]

  • matcast

    My vote is to go back to the Cleveland Spiders. Old school, original, and has a lot of merchandising options…

  • DJ

    Agree. I know it’s been posted here repeatedly, but the art is still awesome:

  • chuckry

    Wahoo may some day be retired, but the Indians name will not.

  • Ryan

    What are you basing that on? Hope? Prayers?

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    When The Sockalexis was referred to as “The Tribe”, when Rodriguez insisted “I’m honoring you”, he would no longer be making a complete fool out of himself.

    Uhhh, he’d still be wearing red-face, right?

  • xvfp

    So…say Satanic worshipers were offended by the New Jersey Devils because, well a devil on ice is basically saying ‘hell froze over’, would they change their name? I highly doubt it.

    Do people protest the Chicago Blackhawks games? How about the Golden State Warriors or Atlanta Hawks? (Both the Warriors & Hawks were based off of Native American traditions.)

    No team name will make everyone happy. Hell, I’m offended by the Columbus Blue Jacket name…if only because when hearing it, people don’t realize it’s rooted in the civil war, not an insect.

  • It was satire; he’s simply calling out the lie on the team name and suggesting a cartoonish response befitting a racist cartoon caricature. Olbermann is not seriously calling on the team to be called Cleveland Sockalexis; he’s toying with the absurdity of the tale that we were all told for so long.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Thank you for your earnest response. I agree and understand, and was merely pointing out that EVEN IF the team were “honoring” anything, there is no good reason to wear red-face. Ever. As such, regardless of what the team did/does/doesn’t do, Olbermann can NEVER say that someone wearing red-face is “no longer” making a complete fool out of himself.

  • ZipClassic

    I don’t mind the Fellers but almost feel like it should have something to do with the lake. Maybe the Trawlers, Casters, Walleyes, etc… I really don’t care. Hell they could always poke fun at our past and go with the Cleveland Burners (for both the river and nearby Akron’s tire heritage). They’ll always be the Indians to me even if it is politically incorrect. I loved the Chief Wahoo logo and even though I understand why I’m still disheartened to see its use diminished. If I ever decide to get a tattoo in my life it will definitely be the Chief.

  • Absolutely agree and am sure Olbermann would agree with you, too

  • Harv 21

    Really WFNY, we’ve decided bang this issue daily like John Adams while the Holy NFL Draft draws nigh? Go to Olbermann while Craig and Andrew catch a breather? And yet as I type the gynormous hook-nosed grinning idiot version of Wahoo, the Third Reich Wahoo, looms threateningly an inch above my tiny avatar, mocking your cause. Find your old web guy, find a new web guy, or just drop it til you figure it out. It’s like railing about the KKK next to a non-ironic white hood and burning cross.

    So anyhoo, I’m thinking we don’t overthink this by praying one great receiver is still available at 26. Sammy is who I ammy. Start the draft by making one area of your team dominant, give it it’s first real identity, and we still have all the other picks to take some chances.

  • brian

    I always wonder why a big fuss is made of names like “Indians” but nobody has a problem with team names like “Fighting Irish”