Video: Ben Tate highlights

As we await official announcement that the Browns have signed former Houston Texans running back Ben Tate, here are some video highlights from YouTube. The latest round of rumors indicate that the only thing holding up the final deal is what amount of incentive dollars the Browns and Ben Tate will agree on.

I can be talked into having Ben Tate in the backfield for the Browns, but I hope they don’t go too crazy with the money. I expect the Browns to continue to look for a running back with one of their 10 draft picks. Additionally, I look forward to seeing Dion Lewis back healthy and even see Edwin Baker get a chance in training camp. Let’s see if Kyle Shanahan can become the running back king maker that his father has been throughout his NFL coaching career.

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  • SeanH529

    Options are limited at FA running back. Sign the man and if you so choose, get another back in the draft. If you need to be “talked into” Ben Tate, then maybe you should go rewatch those Willis McGahee highlights from last year. I get really annyoed at fans that want a winner on the field, but get upset at what the Browns pay for talent. With the offseason we’ve had in the papers, we should be happy that FA’s entertain our offers.

    We don’t pay the salary, it doesn’t effect us in any way what they are paid for their services, but man will we be the first to complain when we have no depth at any position and we win 3 games.

    God forbid we ever make it to a Super Bowl. The fans first complaint will be, “well we made it to a Super Bowl, but we really overpaid for that inside linebacker.”

    Lets stick to worrying about the actual play on the field, not how much the players are getting paid. The salary caps went up this year, and it’s in the union agreements that teams must pay out a certain percentage of that cap, so someone is gonna get paid an amount you may not agree with at some position.

  • DPatton

    Wait a minute… There was no stutter-stepping before he hit the “hole.” How could he possibly be successful without waiting for the “hole” to develop?!