Pics: Josh Gordon’s back tattoo has reached a whole new level

When we last left Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, he was starting to get the space around his preexisting “Gordon 12” filled in with a variety of items—including, but not limited to a giant Koi.

Today, we see that Gordon, amidst his jet-setting and being a part of the Free Agent Welcome Wagon, has kept going to work on the rest of his back. See for yourself (click to enlarge):

Josh Gordon Back Tattoo Progression

The back piece has moved its way to the the Pro Bowl wide receiver’s arms, being filled in geisha imagery and Greek mythology1. Per Gordon, he won’t be stopping until his tattoo artist (Miami’s Tattz By D) “runs outta space.”

  1. Gordon also has a tattoo of Poseidon on his right hand []

  • RGB

    Ink, not drink.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Gordon.
    (Knock on wood.)

  • Natedawg86

    Do I spot a Brownie in there? #DawgforLife

  • James Immke

    Don,t know but OH JOSH what arts those FUNNY LOOKING WEEDS intwined in your number?you know the green leafy ones?

  • Petefranklin

    Too bad he couldn’t get any ink in Cleveland, or did they change that law?