Pic: Haden, Gordon and Sheard welcome Dansby and Whitner to team in style

It surely didn’t take long for two of the Browns’ latest additions to become welcomed members of the team.

Continuing on with his offseason of jet-setting, cornerback Joe Haden was joined by teammates Jabaal Sheard and Josh Gordon as the three players played G6 host to Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner—the fomer donning a Browns ski cap. Given Gordon’s subsequent cloud-cutting Instagram post, it appears that the five men are heading to Miami for a little sun. Given the six-to-eight inches of snow expected to hit Cleveland on Wednesday, who can blame them?

  • Your Mom

    They are on their way to Cleveland and thats Dansby with the Browns hat.

  • JHop

    Thanks, mom.

  • mgbode

    Surrounded by 4 defenders and I’ll bet Gordon still gets open

  • Those guys have some nice man purses.

  • MrCleaveland

    Yeah, and it must be really bright inside that plane.