Jets expressing interest in TJ Ward


The New York Jets would like to improve their secondary (in addition to three or four other areas of their football team) and a “person of interest” is strong safety TJ Ward.

They’re the third team to be connected to Ward in a formal capacity, joining the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos. Denver has money and is needy at strong safety. Broncos executive Tom Heckert drafted Ward during his time in Cleveland.The National Football Post reported that “about a dozen NFL teams” have expressed interest in or inquired about free agent SS T.J. Ward since the negotiating period began on Saturday.

As of Sunday, the Cleveland Browns had not inquired about free agent free safety Jairus Byrd on the first day of the NFL’s negotiating period. The top-ranked defensvie back is said to be coveting $9 million per year and there continues to be links to former Bills coaches Mike Pettine and Jim O’Neil. It also helps that the Browns have roughly $50 million in cap space heading into Tuesday’s free agency period.

Image: Candice Vlcek/WFNY

  • mgbode

    read that 11 teams have contacted Ward. be interesting to see the fallout, but it looks like Ward & Byrd may both sign quickly. hoping we don’t get left with a handful of underpants and no musical chair to sit on.

  • MrCleaveland

    If the Browns don’t sign either Ward or Bird, there will be hell to pay. They must know this, right? Right?

  • Lunch

    Or maybe the Browns will surprise everyone and draft a safety to eliminate the need to sign either Ward or Byrd to a large contract.

  • Hopwin

    Cool except we need two safeties. A strong and free. Signing Byrd doesn’t fill the hole left by Ward’s departure, it would fill a pre-existing hole.

  • RGB

    Better preorder your Ha Ha Clinton-Dix jersey.

  • mgbode

    the only thing better than the name is that he was born in ’92, which is when Bill’s first scandal with Gennifer Flowers hit the news.

    not so sure he’ll be there at #26 though and no way I want to take him at #4. He’d be a trade-back candidate though, sure.

  • MrCleaveland

    That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would they let a Pro Bowl safety get away just so they can spend a draft pick on a rookie safety who most likely isn’t going to be nearly as good? To save money? That would be crazy.

  • RGB

    If we end up with neither Ward, nor Bird…
    #26 + #36 = Ha Ha Clinton Dix

  • mgbode

    ah, so the old letting all-pro guys get away in FA despite gargantuan amounts of cap space so that you can use multiple high picks in the draft on their replacement strategy. who needs a WR2 in the NFL these days anyway?

    (i would laugh if I wasn’t terrified this might be our strategy after watching our FO decisions over the past 15years)

  • porckchop

    In the confusion of regime change and free agency the Browns somehow ended up with losing out on Ward and Byrd and managing only to get a Safe – T.

  • porckchop

    That was going to include a picture of a Trojan condom tshirt but then I forgot to add it and well, it seems like too much work now for a cheap puncline.

  • RGB

    It’s not MY strategy, but this IS the browns. :/
    I’m just thinking proactively in order to temper my expectations of future returns, resulting from the current management’s heretofore unknown action plan.

  • crobarred

    I’ve read that the Browns are interested in Whitner. It’s coming from Cabot so take it with a grain of salt…