Dan Gilbert asks for fans’ help in stopping “louts” who run on court

During Cleveland’s game against the Utah Jazz on Friday night, a fan ran on the court to give Kyrie Irving a hug and presumably a message. It isn’t the first time that a fan has rushed the court to give well wishes to a superstar.

Owner Dan Gilbert took to twitter Saturday night to congratulate his security team and ask fans to help them spot those that would try something similar in the future.

Kyrie Irving had his first triple-double in the win over Utah. The Cavaliers are in Memphis Saturday night to take on the Grizzlies.

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  • Wow

    He could always improve security.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    “Too much good stuff going on to let 2-3 clowns taint us”

    foot, meet mouth.

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  • asfasdfasdf

    Dan Gilbert needs to get over LeBron already.

  • BenRM

    A bunch of comedians in this comment section.

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    A bunch of comedians in this comment section!